Diet minus 60: weight loss system by Catherine Mirimanova. Slimming 60 kg in 90 days

on 26.04.2016

Absolutely all women want to look attractive, to have perfect proportions of a figure or weight, which will be the norm for their height. Among the fair sex, who seek to throw off those extra pounds, the weight loss method by Ekaterina Mirimanova is very popular.

The main thing in the article

System minus 60: Mirimanova diet principle

  • Diet is to eat any food in a limited amount (within reasonable limits) and according to a certain pattern. Even eating sweets is allowed, which attracts many to sit on this diet.
  • The weight loss scheme includes not only diet, but also physical exercises (exercises at home or visiting a sports complex), as well as psychological recommendations.
  • System minus 60 is perfect for people who want to throw a decent amount of kilograms.An example of success is the creator of the weight loss scheme itself, Ekaterina Mirimanova, who dropped 60 kg, following her own recommendations.
  • Observing all the recommendations, no one in 60 days will throw off 60 kg. This diet represents the right diet that does not harm the body.

Mirimanova recommends her diet for people who are ready to:

  1. Lose weight to achieve the desired forms to be pleased with themselves.
  2. Gradually make healthy food your favorite, to eat it with pleasure in small portions, as well as replace the resultant harmful food with healthy counterparts.
  3. Carefully monitor the food intake by the hour and do not eat some foods after the allowed time.
    Doctors approve of such a system of weight loss, because it does not restrain a person from using any products, that is, the body receives all the necessary substances. This way of feeding will suit even a nursing mom, the main thing is to monitor the amount of milk. Ekaterina Mirimanova is not against the use of vitamins during weight loss.

How to make a menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the system minus 60?


For breakfast (until 12.00) you can eat absolutely everything, there are no restrictions.It's hard for people who are used to having breakfast with a cup of coffee and a sandwich. Of course, then they want to eat hearty lunch. But even if you can’t eat a hearty meal immediately after waking up, then there is an alternative solution: to have a full breakfast 2 to 3 hours after sleep. That is, if you wake up at 6, then you can eat at 8.30 - 9 in the morning.
Many have a question: how can you eat everything, even cakes and baking? Yes, that's right, you can eat your favorite delicacy, if you want. You can chips, buns, pies, fried food. This does not mean that you can eat three cakes before noon, etc., everything should be in moderation.

For example:

  • Mashed potatoes with a chop or fried chicken leg, cappuccino with milk.
  • Any milk porridge juice.
  • Sandwich with ham and cheese, black tea with condensed milk.
  • Pasta with various sauces, biscuits, black coffee.
  • Boiled eggs, white bread sandwich with cheese, jelly.
  • Omelet with slices of meat, white bread, herbal infusion.

The only thing that should be controlled is the use of mayonnaise and sour cream - 1 tsp.


The best time in the diet minus 60 ends at 12.00. Dine is at 14.00. The fact that during lunch you cannot eat certain foods does not mean that it will be inferior.

  • Lunch - liquid dish, main dish, fruit dessert.We take into account that already fried food can not be taken!
  • Mayonnaise and sour cream should also not be consumed during lunch. But this is not the end of the world, there are many very tasty sauces, based on olive oil with spices, and also tomato.
  • Liquid food must be present necessarily. For example: soup, but if it is cooked in meat broth, then we do not add potatoes and vice versa. Mutually exclusive are: meat, fish / pasta, potatoes. These products are not compatible on the same plate.
  • Soups with peas or beans - quite rich, perfect for lunch
  • Canned food and pickles can be eaten, but only within reason.

For example:

  • Vegetable soup, pea puree with a chop (fish or meat).
  • Soup with meat (without potatoes), vegetable puree with boiled chicken breast, light fruit salad.
  • Cabbage soup (vegetarian), braised cabbage with mushrooms, tea with lemon.
  • Seafood soup, goulash, juice.
  • Soup of mashed potatoes (for example pumpkin), rice with vegetables, herbal decoction.


Dinner is at 18.00, not later. But this is ideally, one should strive for this. If you are at the beginning of the road to losing weight, then you can have dinner at 20.00. The most important thing is that after dinner you don’t need to run and fall on the bed under the TV, where in 20 minutes you will sleep.

  • From the moment of the last meal to sleep, at least 2 hours of vigorous activity must pass. No one says to ride a skipping rope, but you should not just lie down, do your usual evening activities.
  • Dinner should be one-fourth of the amount eaten all day and be light enough. Food should be boiled or steam cooked. Spices and salt are all added to taste, but you should try not to sprinkle, and sugar should not be added to drink after lunch.
  • In fact, the options for dinner are many. It can be milk and its derivatives, fruits, cereals, vegetables, even fish or meat. But the only rule is separate feeding.

Foods that should not be eaten:

  1. All sweet.
  2. Fried food.
  3. Muffin, any kind of pastry (buns, rolls, pies, pizza).
  4. Candy, chocolate.

Sample menu:

  • Vegetable salad.
  • Dietary cottage cheese casserole, decoction of herbs.
  • Cottage cheese with fruits and berries (without sugar).
  • Boiled chicken breast.


Permitted and prohibited products in the system minus 60

The system Mirimanova allows you to eat almost all the products, but depending on the time of day.

How to choose the right products?

1.Meat.If you want to cook the meat, then it should be separated from the skin and fat.
2.Seafoodare valid components of food, but crab sticks need to be gradually removed from the list of food consumed.
3.Mushroomsas well as legumes and vegetables are welcome, but you should try to eat smaller potatoes.
4.Pasta.The favorite food of many people, how can we refuse it? It is necessary to try to eat at a minimum, but if it is impossible to remove from the diet, then buy only from solid varieties.
5.Fruits and berries. There are no restrictions in this section. You can eat everything! But bananas need to be eaten only until 12.00 because of the large amount of carbohydrates contained.
6.Dairy. Acceptance of these products is simply obligatory, because they are a supplier of calcium that the body needs. Fat-free need to buy: sour cream, yogurt and kefir. Milk (fat does not play a role) should be drunk in the morning. Cheese can take any fat, but the permissible amount should not exceed 45 grams per day.
7.Saucescan be added to the dish, but depending on the fat content. For example, sour cream / mayonnaise is not consumed more than the norm of the diet allows, and later than 2 pm.

What products are prohibited by the system minus 60?

There are definitely no prohibited foods, but there are those that cannot be eaten after 12.00, these are all fried foods, mayonnaise and sour cream, as well as cakes, buns, pies, etc.
There are a number of foods that should be eaten at a minimum:

  • Pasta.
  • Potato.
  • Juices in the evenings.
  • Sugar is better to replace with fructose.
  • Milk chocolate.


Diet minus 60 for a week

There is no definite menu for the week! You can choose what you eat, the main thing is to follow the basic rules of the recommended system.


For breakfast, you can eat almost everything, but it is worth adhering to the normal portion sizes.

Examples of dishes for the week:

  1. Fried fish with vegetable puree, tea.
  2. Any milk porridge with raisins or dried apricots, a loaf of cheese, coffee with cream.
  3. Sausage in the dough or pancake with meat, tea with cake, fruit.
  4. Baked fish with porridge, kefir with a bun.
  5. If you like a sweet meal in the morning: a cake with tea.
  6. Curd mass with sour cream, a loaf of sausage and cheese, coffee.
  7. Dumplings or dumplings, cookies with ryazhenka.


Do not forget that the pasta (potato) can no longer be combined with meat (fish).

Sample dishes for lunch:

For dinner, separate meals are welcome, if you want to eat chicken, then without a side dish.So that I didn’t want to eat before sleep, it was recommended to eat protein food for dinner, which gives a feeling of satiety for a long time.
Examples of dinner:

System menu minus 60 for every day

The menu for the day should be varied, so that the diet does not end up tired for a couple of days. For example, if in the morning you ate a lot of meat, then at lunch you should eat a light vegetable soup, porridge with fish and vegetable salad, and make a curd casserole for dinner.

Sample menu for a diet minus 60 per day:

  • Breakfast. Potatoes with grilled chops, bran bread, green tea.
  • Before lunch, you can still eat yogurt, for example.
  • Dinner. Steamed rice with aspic, green peas, jelly.
  • Dinner. Cottage cheese with fruit, compote.


Recipes of the system minus 60 by Ekaterina Mirimanova

A popular recipe from Mirimanova is"Buckwheat with mushrooms in the oven"


  • Dried mushrooms - 200 gr.
  • Buckwheat - 2 tbsp.
  • Onion - 1 pc.
  • Eggs - 2 pcs.
  • Vegetable oil - 1 tbsp. a spoon
  • Salt, spices - to taste

Boil buckwheat without salt, pour boiling water over mushrooms, leave to stand, and then proceed to cutting. Fry onion with mushrooms until half cooked. Fried onions and mushrooms add to buckwheat with beaten eggs, mix well, add spices and salt to taste.The resulting mixture is laid out in a special form for baking and set for 25 minutes in the oven heated to 200 degrees.
The dish turns out quite nourishing to saturate the body for a long time, so it is perfect as an evening meal.

Great salad"Zucchini with prunes"suitable for both dinner and dinner supplement.

  • small zucchini - 9 pcs.
  • prunes - 7 pcs.
  • vegetable oil - 1/2 Art. a spoon
  • lemon juice - 3 tbsp. spoons
  • Mint - 1/2 Art. a spoon
  • garlic - 1 clove
  • ground white pepper, paprika, salt - to taste
  • parsley and mint as decoration

Zucchini is cut into thin slices, stewed in water without salt, ready-made mugs are laid out in a bowl. In hot zucchini add chopped prunes, garlic, pepper, paprika, mint and salt. All is stirred and allowed to cool for about 30 minutes. Sprinkle mint and parsley before eating.

"Beet-carrot salad"

  • beets - 200 g
  • carrot - 30 g
  • onion - 35 g
  • vegetable oil - 2 tsp
  • lemon juice - 1/2 tbsp. a spoon
  • salt - to taste

Boiled beets grate on a fine grater. Onions and carrots are sautéed in vegetable oil, after which it is ground in a meat grinder. A mixture of onions and carrots is added to the beets.All salt, seasoning with lemon juice and mix thoroughly. For lovers of hot tastes, you can add cilantro or garlic.


Diet minus 60 and exercise

Diet minus 60 Catherine Mirimanova will not be effective enough without exercise. After you drop the hated kilograms, your skin without physical exertion just sags. To tighten it, and also to make it elastic, and daily exercises are needed. In addition, the load will accelerate the process of losing weight.

Key recommendations:

  1. You need to start doing exercises with small things; you do not need to immediately rush to swing everything at once.
  2. Regular classes with a gradual increase in load will benefit you.
  3. You need to do with the desire, you can dilute the exercise with your favorite music.
  4. Exercise and a set of exercises - this is good, but still need to try to walk in the fresh air. For example, go to work on foot in good weather, if it is close.

Complex of exercises from Ekaterina Mirimanova:

Exercises are aimed at problem areas, it is worth doing them as in the photo.

  • You need to start with 5 sweeps for each leg, gradually increasing to 25.


  • In doing this exercise, you must move to the floor until you lie down completely on the floor.Then it is necessary to return to its original position.


  • In this position, it is worth pumping the press, starting from 5 times and increasing to 25 at a time.


  • Swing your foot up. Repeat 5 times on each leg, seeking to increase the result to 25.


  • From a position lying on your back, lift your legs and hold for 15 seconds at a 45-degree angle. Repeat 3 times, strive for the result - 15 times.


Table of compatibility products in the diet minus 60

There is an official website and books of Catherine Mirimanova about losing weight. On the site you can find any information about the book of interest. Also on the site there are links to all groups in any of the social networks. There are two blogs:

  • E. Mirimanova, where she constantly lays out new recommendations, exercises and trainings.
  • Users, where people write their reviews, questions, post new recipes for approval by Mirimanova.

Photos of Catherine Mirimanova


Reviews of the system minus 60: photo thin

There are a lot of reviews both on the Internet and on the official website of Mirimanova, mostly positive. That is, as a result, everyone lost weight, but for a different number of kilograms. It all depends on the initial weight and the duration of maintaining the system of proper nutrition.




do-i-posle5The proposed power supply system from Ekaterina Mirimanova is perfect not only for people with problematic weight, but also for those who are very afraid of getting better. Healthy nutrition in combination with physical exertion is a way of a normal life, which will benefit absolutely everyone!

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