Diet “Beloved” - hit on the pounds! Sample menu for 7 days

on 20.03.2016

Every woman with the onset of spring realizes that she is not ready for the beach season. Looking in the mirror he sees only the sides, the stomach and the second chin. Would quickly get rid of extra pounds, but many will say that this is impossible. I would like to argue with the prevailing opinion, because the weekly “Favorite” diet for 7 days will bring your body in order.

The main thing in the article

What is the essence of the diet "Favorite"?

Weekly diet "Favorite" consists of a series of mono-diet for every day. Mono-diet is the use of only a certain product. In fact, “Favorite” is 6 fasting days and 7 days, preparing for proper nutrition.

This diet works as follows. The body is under stress because it has been deprived of a balanced diet and every day offers a new stressful diet. Metabolism occurs in emergency conditions, nutrients are not processed in the “order” for years. As a result, the body burns stored energy reserves in the form of subcutaneous fat.

The diet is designed in such a way that in addition to getting rid of those extra pounds, there is a detox of the body. What is a detox can learn here.

7 days of the “Favorite” diet

The main advantages of this diet include:

  • result- in any case, after 7 days you will lose those extra pounds, how many - it depends only on you;
  • diversity- the diet includes different foods, you will not need to cram the same thing every day;
  • budget- Products that are included in the menu at each house, do not need to look for overseas avocados, red fish or other expensive products;
  • fast- probably the most important plus, since only 7 days are needed to get the effect.

Let's sort this miracle diet by day.

First drinking day

The name of this day speaks for itself, you can only drink liquids. You should not panic and sit on one water, diversify the diet with juices, broths, dairy liquid products (yogurt, milk, kefir). In addition to liquid nutritional products you need to drink 2 liters and more simple pure water.

Vegetable day favorite diet

Eat vegetables raw, fried, steamed. Exclude potatoes and beets, because they are starchy vegetables. Preference is given to any cabbage in any form, because it is in itself a fat burner.
Specially run to the store for certain products should not be, open the fridge and enjoy the vegetables that you find there. On this day, you can only drink clean water of at least 1.5 liters.

Second drinking day


This day is no different from the first. The only thing you can do is try to reduce the dose of fluid you drink. For example, if on the first day you drank a glass of juice, then on the second drinking day, reduce the dose by half, replacing the juice with water.

Fruity Day Favorite Diet

As with vegetables, there is no specific rule in the selection of fruits. You should not eat bananas and grapes, because the sugar level in these fruits is beyond. Apples are ideal, they are on sale all year round, are inexpensive and most importantly contain pectin, which dulls the feeling of hunger. We drink pure water.

Protein Day Favorite Diet

For many people losing weight with “Beloved” this is the most satisfying day. You can also call it meat. Eat protein-rich foods:

  • eggs;
  • meat (chicken, beef);
  • lean fish

Nutritionists attribute cottage cheese and legumes to this day, but if you deal with the metabolism of these products, it happens much faster than meat, fish and eggs.To achieve the goal is better limited to three mandatory products. You can eat them together, but you can give preference to only one for the whole day. Drink clean water in the same mode.

Third drinking day

Again, we only drink and drink as much pure water as possible, replacing other beverages, broths and broths with it.

The correct way out of the diet

Complete the seven-day course should be correct. Do not go gluttony, do not eat everything in its path.
This day is dedicated to a balanced diet, which will help the body to become operational and return to a normal rhythm of work. Take the exit seriously, because it depends on how long you save the result. To fix it will help a balanced diet for a week after the release. It is best to develop the habit of eating correctly and the kilograms will not only not return, but the latter will disappear, which are still hidden in the body.

Consider, whatever the diet did not say that you can eat in any amount, do not believe. 8-10 kg of apples or cabbage still linger on the sides. Eat a little, and preferably 20 minutes before a meal, drink a glass of plain water.


Sample menu of your favorite diet for 7 days

The above menu does not require strict implementation, it is possible to replace products. Focus on your refrigerator and taste preferences, because you can also lose weight tasty.

To get the best result on dropping kilograms we strongly recommend sticking to servings. The “glass method” is very convenient, it’s really a different story, but the method can also be applied to the “Beloved One”. At one meal, eat a serving of no more than one cup. If the “Favorite” diet is strict, then there are 3 main meals per day, if the usual is 5. The main ones are breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Start a diet on Monday - it is convenient, and from a psychological point of view, it adjusts positively.

Day # 1, Monday


  • Breakfast: milk.
  • The second breakfast: herbal tea without sugar.
  • Lunch: vegetable broth.
  • Snack: juice (apple, orange, multifruit).
  • Supper: kefir.

All drinking products can be interchanged. During the day we drink plain water.

Day 2, Tuesday


  • Breakfast: salad with fresh cabbage, with greens (fill with 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil).
  • The second breakfast: fresh pepper.
  • Lunch: stewed cabbage or vegetable salad (tomato, cucumber).
  • Snack: cauliflower steamed.
  • Supper: carrots.

The menu can be made for example from one cabbage (winter version): salad, stewed, steamed, again salad.

Day 3, Wednesday


  • Breakfast: yoghurt.
  • Second breakfast: mors.
  • Lunch: chicken broth.
  • Lunch: ginger tea.
  • Supper: tomato juice.

Do not forget to drink clean water.

Day 4, Thursday


  • Breakfast: 2 apples.
  • Second breakfast: orange.
  • Lunch: fruit salad (apple, orange, kiwi).
  • Snack: 2 peaches.
  • Dinner: 2 pears.

As with vegetables, everything is interchangeable, you can also make a mono day from one fruit: raw apple, grated, baked, salad.

Day number 5, Friday


  • Breakfast: 2 eggs.
  • The second breakfast: fish.
  • Lunch: chicken breast.
  • Tea time: 2 poached eggs.
  • Dinner: boiled veal.

This day can be spent on one meat or eggs, it will not affect the final result.

Day number 6, Saturday


  • Breakfast: tea with mint.
  • Second breakfast: compote of dried fruits.
  • Lunch: milk.
  • Snack: juice (any).
  • Dinner: ryazhenka.

We drink water in between.

Day number 7, Sunday


  • Breakfast: 2 eggs.
  • The second breakfast: an apple.
  • Lunch: broth with meat and vegetables (not strained).
  • Lunch: yogurt.
  • Dinner: vegetable or fruit salad.

On this day, you must adhere to the order of consumption of products.

Nutritionists about fast weight loss - video

As you know, beauty requires sacrifice, which is why women torture themselves with all sorts of diets. Nutritionists say that it is impossible to lose weight constantly and quickly, but sometimes it is necessary to bring the body into a stressful state. As for the “Favorite” diet, it is not recommended to use it for longer than 7 days, because on drinking days the body will receive less nutrients and this can adversely affect health.

The physiological contraction of the stomach is attributed to the positive side of such a diet. After a week of such nutrition, the portions that you consumed before the start of the diet will be halved or even tripled.

Each person is different in their own way and their metabolism is different. Accordingly, resorting to the “Beloved” diet, each woman will get her result. Someone he will be 3 kg, and someone and 10 kg. Do not tune yourself to a specific number, just know that the result will be required. Try to lose weight with the “Beloved” diet, get results, increase them and enjoy your beautiful taut body.

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