Design convector for children

Very often, all works on the creation of a harmonious interior design can be spoiled by the appearance of one unattractive heating device.Sometimes they are hidden behind decorative screens, and as a result, they deprive the house of precious heat. If not only its appearance, but also heat transfer is important to you, we offer you a good design solution.
As an example, take the convector installed in the children's room. By its location, we can determine that a suitable scale is yellow, blue, selenium and non-aggressive red. The combination of a light background and these colors will create a cozy atmosphere in the room. The image on the convector can not just become a funny picture, but also a new page that will help to learn about the world around. For example, the colored circles drawn on the convector will show the child the basic colors, and it is easy to learn how to count on the petals of chamomile.

First we need to isolate the ventilation grill with masking tape. Then a primer is applied to the convector.At the next stage, it is necessary to apply the chosen one with a sponge swab and a stencil. Chamomiles are applied with a brush. As you can see from the photo, the design of such a simple pattern on your home convector, even the simplest person can do, without having any artistic education.

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