Dark spots on the skin

Many people are worried about this unpleasant phenomenon,as enhanced pigmentation of the skin. What is this phenomenon and can it be resisted? Very often this problem worries women, which is natural, because they pay more attention to their skin condition and appearance.

Dark spots on the skin areeffects of enhanced skin pigmentation. Cute freckles, which are also the result of pigmentation, like many, but when darkened skin areas merge into large spots - this deprives the person of peace. Enhanced pigmentation often occurs in the owners of dark skin.

Before starting a long and persistentthe fight against such a phenomenon as dark spots on the skin, it is necessary to discover the causes of their occurrence. It is believed that pigmentation spots can occur on the skin of a person of any age and sex. The appearance of such spots in young people is due, mainly, to hormonal changes in the human body. In women, this phenomenon is associated with pregnancy, the use of certain contraceptives and medications.

The most common reason for the appearanceEnhanced pigmentation is the normal aging of the body. Dark spots on the skin appear with increased intensity in people over the age of 40. This phenomenon is explained simply: every year, the cells of the body lose their ability to timely stop the production of pigment. The appearance of such spots in women is aggravated by hormonal imbalance during menopause, which only worsens the situation.

The main reasons for the increase in pigmentation are:

- female diseases (dysfunction of the ovaries, inflammatory diseases);

- diseases of the bile duct and liver;

- Pregnancy;

- dysfunction of the thyroid gland;

- chronic inflammation of the urogenital system;

- lack of vitamin C;

- use of irritating creams and ointments;

- general weakening of the body.

Dark spots on the skin often occur whenprolonged exposure to the sun. With the onset of summer, the pigmentation becomes more noticeable. To prevent its appearance in the spring and summer, avoid exposure to sunlight and protect the skin with sunscreen. There are dark spots after acne in the event that there is no timely treatment of the skin. and the person independently eels squeezes out. In this case, there is a deeper inflammation in the skin tissues, which contributes to the formation of appreciable scarring and pigmentation in the damaged tissues of the dermis and epidermis.

Dark spots under the arms appear as a result ofpostinflammatory melanosis. The increase in pigmentation in this area occurs with chronic inflammation, which is often the result of improper depilation. It can also be caused by the effects of various aromatic substances contained in deodorants. Anything that irritates the delicate skin of the armpits (physically or chemically) can lead to inflammation, after treatment leaving dark spots on the skin. Pigmentation of the underarm area may be a consequence of a systemic disease such as diabetes.

Dark spots on the skin are a serious causeappeals to the doctor, as they may indicate more profound problems in the human body. For the purpose of proper treatment, a survey and a variety of tests are necessary. Common methods of controlling intensified pigmentation are peelings (chemical, glycolic, yellow, almond, Amelan). The use of cosmetic whitening agents intended for the treatment of pigment spots during treatment will only enhance the therapeutic result. As a rule, treatment of enhanced pigmentation requires a long time and perseverance. Only this way you can get rid of such ugly spots.

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