Cottages "Cypress Alley" (Pitsunda): photos and reviews

Everyone who loves a quiet, secluded vacation,peace, come to Abkhazia. Lovely sea, clear clear water, warm climate - all this contributes to relaxation, relaxation. Cozy streets, including the Cypress alley (Pitsunda can be proud of them), wait for their guests. Here in each house welcome hosts are hospitable hosts.

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Pitsunda today

Lovers of beautiful nature, clean ecologyevery year come to rest in Pitsunda. It is located not far from Sukhumi, the capital of Abkhazia, just 90 kilometers away. The resort of Gagra from this place is 25 kilometers away.

Pitsunda is famous for its surprisingly softmicroclimate. It is located between the mountains in the mouth of the Bzyb River on a sandy cape. As a resort the city became popular in the last century, thanks to its unique pine groves, the area of ​​which is about 200 hectares. They stretch for 4 km, skirting the cape. By the way, Pitsunda pine is the rarest specimen of the Tertiary period.

Gentle coolness and mild heat provides a pine forest and a cypress alley. Pitsunda is simply permeated with the smell of resin from age-old coniferous trees. The air here is healing.

The named resort town is small, butEntertainment here for holidaymakers is enough. Cafes, bars, restaurants work 24 hours a day. Every year in August, a grand festival of Neptune is held, which attracts all residents and holidaymakers. The Pitsunda market offers guests fresh exotic fruits, a variety of vegetables, spices. Here come to rest people of different ages.

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The climate in Pitsunda is subtropical. And this means that there is no severe winter, the temperature is always plus. All thanks to the close location of the sea and protection from the winds of the Caucasus Mountains.

In winter, the temperature is + 3-5 ° C, in autumn andIn spring it is warm in summer (+ 15-20 ° C). The hottest time is in the summer, when the temperature rises to + 27-35 ° C. Heavy precipitation falls only in the winter (in the form of rain).

Year-round in Abkhazia blossom, yield crops, a variety of fruit crops. Everyone is waiting for the New Year Abkhazian mandarins, with which, according to the sweetness, no import counterparts can match.

Those who are going to come here on vacation, canPre-book a place in the cottage village "Cypress Alley". Pitsunda is pleased to welcome guests all year round. But it is worth considering that the rainiest here is January, and the hottest is August. High in the mountains at any time of the year is snow, there are eternal glaciers. Such beauty, by the way, everyone wants to capture in the photo. Winter here is very short. Alchia and mimosa begin to bloom already in February. March is different, the temperature ranges from + 10 ° C to + 20 ° C.

How to get to the cypress alley (Pitsunda)

pitsunda st cypress alley

"Cypress Alley" is a private sector, of whichPitsunde knows everything. Here you can stay in a cottage or a private house for quite reasonable prices. On the avenue is a dozen houses, and if you go further, there are considerably more.

The cypress alley (Pitsunda) is veryconveniently, on one side is the city beach, on the other side of the street you can go to the oldest local temple. Find this charming place will not be difficult. From the border itself, you can take a taxi and tell the driver where you need to go. This place is known to everyone, you will get here easily. If you came by bus, leave in the city center at the bus stop. The cypress alley is a three minute walk from the center. Any local will show you the way.

Holidays in Pitsunda

If you stayed at a holiday at Pitsunda,ul. Cypress alley, it turned out in a very favorable location. The place is in the heart of the city. To the city beach from here only about ten minutes walk, its territory is protected, and the waves here are much calmer. The entire infrastructure is within walking distance - the market, bars, cafes, restaurants, shops. Excursion tours to the nearest attractions are also sent from the complex.

Houses and cottages here are very cozy, comfortable,house prices are fairly democratic. For a room per day request from 800 to 1000 rubles. The cypress alley is very popular with lovers of quiet rest, so it's better to reserve seats in advance.

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If you decide to visit the local Caucasiansights, it's easy to do. Buy a ticket and, as we have already said, meet with the group at: Pitsunda, Cypress alley. Photos of beautiful places, amazing impressions, high spirits, luggage of new knowledge - all this you will get from local excursions. What is worth seeing?

High mountain lake Ritsa- the brightest pearl of Abkhazia. Every tourist tries to visit here. The display objects are:

  • Bzip fortress - ruins:
  • waterfalls "Man's Tears", "Girl's Tears" - the guide will tell you the most beautiful legend associated with this place;
  • Yushparsky gorge;
  • "Farewell, Motherland" - observation deck;
  • Lake Ritsa (950 m above sea level);
  • tasting chacha, wine, mead, honey.

New Athos.The most famous resort of Abkhazia. Display objects:

  • founded by Greek monks Seaside Park;
  • a pond with swans;
  • a monastery founded in 1875;
  • Novo-Athos cave;
  • the temple of Simon the Canaanite.

Sukhumi. Of course, it is necessary to visit the capital. The excursion includes:

  • visiting the monkey's nursery;
  • a botanical garden with amazing plants;
  • the ancient crypt-dolmen;
  • the most beautiful embankment;
  • Theatre square;
  • Government House.

And this is only part of the objects.

Evening Gagra. A surprisingly beautiful excursion, which is worth a visit to all romantic couples. Gagra was founded by Prince Oldenburg, all the interesting information will be put to you by the guide. You will see:

  • seaside park;
  • observation panoramic platform;
  • collonade with a fountain;
  • the palace of the prince in 1904;
  • sea ​​pier.

Also lovers of active and extreme recreationoffers jumping, jumping tour, horseback riding, rafting, car-walking routes, diving, paragliding, fishing. You definitely do not have to miss a vacation.

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Tourism in Pitsunda

People go to Pitsunda and in order to correcthealth. In this climate, immediately all colds and allergic reactions to many factors disappear. For various reasons, tourists choose to rest in the private sector, the cottage complex "Cypress Alley" (Pitsunda) meets all the needs.

Someone wants to taste the famousnatural grape wine and chacha, and someone grape juice. Others want to admire the local temple, which stands here since the 10th century. Local authorities actively develop tourism in the private sector, in addition, new boarding houses, cottages are being built, and various show stars are invited to the city for concerts. Everything is done to ensure that the tourists remember the stay for a long time, and they wanted to come back here again.

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Cypress alley (Pitsunda): reviews of tourists

If you study the reviews of vacationers, those whovisited the rest in Pitsunda, then you rarely find a displeased statement. Basically, everyone admires and admires the cozy, comfortable place called "Cypress Alley".

So, newlyweds, judging by the reviews, will remainare quite happy with their honeymoon. They will spend it in complete solitude. They can rest on a deserted beach, but for entertainment you can go to the center.

Older people are trying to improve theirhealth, breathe the clean mountain air, enjoy the smell of the famous Pitsunda Spruce. A week later, according to their feedback, they feel how the strength is restored. And lovers of active recreation are passionately told about how they got out into the mountains, and after a tiring ascent returned to their cozy little world on the Cypress Alley, where they enjoyed peace and quiet.

Everyone who got into this paradise, then recalls the unforgettable, amazing days. Looking through the photos, you can again mentally return to these fabulous places.

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