Convert DC to AC. DC to DC converter

Chesto baptism for these types of pet converters:

1. The key for the key on the key.
2. Iztochnik on power.
3. Inductively saving on energy (drosel, inductor).
4. Filtrniya condenser, coit e is ripened with successively with resistively to natarvarvanetto.
5. Blocked on the diode.

It is included on the basis of a petition of the element in the various combinations of rules that could be solved by choosing a type of impulse transformer.

Setting on nivoto on izhodnotoy vodorezhenie on the inverter se osiguryava through promena on shirinatu on impulse, koito kontrolirat work on the element behind the key on the key. Stabilized to izhodnoto otrezhdeniya sezdava through the method for reverse injection: promyenat to izhodntotoe uredzhenie szdava automatically promenyana in the screen on the pulse.

A representative representative of a converter for voltage conversion is a typical transformer. It is transformed at the same time from the same condition as the variable with different values.Tov property on the transformer is widely crawled into a radio-electronic and electrical equipment. Transformer device is turned on following elements:

2. Parvichna and secondary winding.
3. Housing for winding.
5. Cooling system.
6. Other elements (for access to cables for winding, installation, protection on a transformer, and so on).

Sparely, the transformer will produce secondary winding, depending on how it is used, at the same time as the secondary winding and secondary winding.

Ima and other types of converters on the caution, koito imat different design. In this case, the device is aimed at semiconductors and elements, and this category is a significant factor in efficiency.

Principle of action

Production will be converted to a standard with the necessary stability from a different standard, for example, it may be determined from equipment. Uniformly from the basement, overlay on the converter, e and se osuguri is maximum efficiency.

Transformed to the promise of a potential transformer, and izvrshi transformer, such as in DC transformers, they all will be converted to a constant current to AC.

1.The generator is powerful, the co-generator is stored from the source to the DC power supply, and the receiver is wound onto the transformer.
2. The projection on the required amount of se the removal from the secondary winding, followed by the removal of the secondary.
3. In the case of the need for a DC power supply, the output voltage of the stabilizer is stable, the stabilizer cathode is used, the coito is not included in the power supply of the power distributor, or through the control parameter control unit, the power output from the generator.
4. For and at the same time comprehend the high efficiency in converting to voltage, all from the creeping generator, koito will work in the keys mode and generate voltage through a logical circuit.
5.Vyhodnye oscillator transistor, the switch is at the beginning of the winding, exceeding from the shutter of the transistor (without current flowing through the transistor), at the distance of the other country at the transistor.
6. In the direction of the transducer to the high voltage is stored, in cases of this creep, the self-inductance of the emf is self-inducible, which is forced through the inductance to the case of short-circuiting on the current.The transistor works as a precoat grabber and the winding terminal coils the transformer and the inductance. The removal of the winding and rectifier is secondary. Takiva schemes mogat yes and generates a descent to nyakko desytovki kV. Those are the ones who crawl over to a store on electric, CRT and so-called. Inappropriately effective by 80%.

AT go

Transform the grabber from the top of the list.

DC voltage converters;

1) the regulator is open;
2) converters to nivoto on vrezhenie;
3) the regulator is linear at full strength.

AC to DC Converters;

1) the regulator on impulse injection;
2) store the device;
3) current collectors.

Converters from constant current to exchanged current: inverter.

Converters in the course of the injection;

1) Promise your transformer;
2) the detractors and reformers;
3) the regulator is open;
4) converters for caution;
5) Transformer from any kind.

Transform it into an elec- tronicate into conformity with the project of separation and into the following type:

1. On piezoelectric transformer.
3Transformer with impulse excited.
4. Impulses store the device.
5. Impulse converters.
6. Multiplexer.
7. With included condenser.
8. Condenser without transformer.


1. With a lip on the restrictions on the volume and masat, somehow and from a high durability to a storage voltage, convert it from rational to thyristor.
2. Semiconductors and converters on thyristor and transistor Mogat and are adjustable and unregulated. In a case, adjust the transducers Mogat and her crawl Cato stabilizer for AC and DC voltage.
3. According to the method for excitation of oscillations in the device, it is possible for the chains to be independently excited and self-excited. Scheme the end of self-excited excitation from the amp on the power and the oscillator is based. Impulse from the input to the generator izprashchat the input to the amplifier on the power, which allows you to control. Scheme ess self-excited self-oscillator impulses.


1. For the distribution and transfer to electric power. Generate to change current, power generation from 6-24 kV in electric centralized unit is awkward.For this, the energy for distance has been exceeded, it is useful and very creeping. As a result, a transformer will be placed in the electrical center of each transformer, and you will increase the pressure for this.
2. For different technological goals: electric installations (electric transformer transformers), brewed transformers (transformer transformers) and so on.
3. For storage on different chains;

1) automation in telemechanics, communication devices, electrical equipment;
2) radio and television equipment.

Yes, they will separate the electric chains on the device's devices, including those that are attached and so on. Transformer, from spreading into the device, in a case of low power and low voltage.

4. Transducers from almost all kinds of creeping are widespread daily. Save the block on a lot of Domakinskaya Uredi, fold the device's electronic devices, invert the devices from the wide-spread out of the way you want to get the right one and leave the device autonomously stored. For example, that may be a inverter, a coito may be used for a crash or reserve to store a source for Domakinski Uredi (TV, power tools, kitchen uredi, etc.), Koito Consumerate AC 220 Volta.
5.Nai-sapite and treni in mediatric, energetic, military, science and industry converters, koito IMAT, from a pure form to a sinusoid. Tazi form is suitable for working with the device and instruments, which is very sensitive to signal strength. Those include measuring and medical equipment, an electric pump, gas boilers and refrigerators, i.e. Equipped with some electric motors. Transform the balance necessary for udzhlavana on the abdomen on the equip.

Benefits and disadvantages

Predimstvata to convert to a voltage switch on:

1. Osjuryuryane on input and ikhoden control on current. These devices transform AC to DC, serve as a constant current cathode distributor and transformer. Consequently, those who are interested in production and daily.
2. Design on the conversion of converters to the ability of imaging and the ability to distinguish between input and output, including on the controllable voltage. Tov vi allow you to select a converter for a specific device or is built on a new one.
3Compactness and lekotek on domakinskite converters on the voltage, for example avtotranslitelis. Those sa miniatures and not a lot of paper.
4.Ekonomichnost. Efficiency of converting to a voltage of up to 90%, which is a great deal of energy.
5. Convenience and universality. Transform the vii allow for both forest and forest and all electrically ured.
6. Ability to surrender to electric power for distance from the vessel, to keep it under pressure and so on.
7. Osiuryavane to hopefully work on critical issues: system for signaling, lighting, pumping, heating boilers, scientific and military equipment and so on.

Not enough to convert to a voltage switch on:

1.Voschimchivost converters on stretch to high humidity (with exception to converters, specifically projectors for work on water and transport).
2. Those will no longer eat.
3. Comparative price.

Neka rightly straightened out on the measuring gauge converters. If the purpose is to correct (open) the current, then the transformer into a pulsirot current, it is average resistance and can be proportional to the peak (amplitude), or srednevypryamlennomu RMS value per input. In accordance with the commodity class, the transformers classify as follows:from parameter to promenade Ux , Something about the need for a Verigate detector: converters for peak resistance, converters for resistance to intermediate qualifications and secondary correction of fitness;schematics for the record: converters with open and locked input for DC voltage; on the characteristics of the transform: linear and quadratic converters.

Transformer on the surface It is a converter, and it is necessary to direct it directly to Umax or Umin (U to or U n). The converter at the peak of its stability is linear and it can be opened (figure 2.1a) or shut (view figure 2.1b) the input with a constant voltage.

The principle of working on converters is maximum resistance at all times, the prediode V C is on the condenser, at a price U of maximum (peak) x , the coy trail is stored sevranyava, as the condenser C is constantly at the time of damage (with resistor R) Golyama from Constantat at the time of weeping. The polarity is determined by the conformity of the diode V is the output voltage or U x = U max (U in) or U minute (U p) and it is possible to pulsate U x = zaladzheni R e Veriga, C e.Ako detector of the ima is open, U x = ce is determined from the summat on U and U in (U n), i.e. compliance with Umax (Umin). Kogato entrance is shut, U x = conformance on U in (U n). Ako U x not comparing the DC component, the toigawa verigata, is shown in Fig. 2.1, A and B of the code of unity and illusion on U x = U m. In some cases, the cases of crawling the detector for pressure from the pool are large, and they crawl out of the crawl for direct measurement of the size by the pressure.

Figure 2.1 Circuit on the converter at peak voltage:

a) - with open entry; b) the entrance is shut off.

It is important to have a profit at the peak of the transducer of resistance at a very high input resistance (equal to R / 2 for the Verigata in Figure 2.1, A and R / 3 for the Verigata in Figure 2.1, b) and in the search for comparison with other types of property converters.

RMS mid-square converter e converter for the voltage input capacitance constant current (voltage supply), proportional to U 2 cc. The transformational characteristic in tozi case is a trybwa and is quadratic, and there is a constant component in itDo not need a detector with the input open.

Rms converter allowing for conversion to a constant voltage RMS AC non-sinusoidal form, cat
Anyway, U 2 is an effective property for a non-sinusoidal voltage and U k for an effective property for a harmonious component.

The cathode sensor is nonlinear with a square-volt-ampere characteristic (I-V) possible, for example, and all of the crawl part of the semiconductor VAC diode. This section is generally a lot small, and the semiconductor devices have a wide spectrum from the parameters in the pelvis to the characteristics. Consequently, there are converters on the basis of the diode circuit. Takawa Veriga letting you get an I-V characteristic as a result on a partially linear approximation on a parabolic curve. A circuit on a quadratic converter with a diode-veri e is shown in figure 2.2.

The input voltage and all enclosed wide gage transformer T1. With the help of diodes V1 and V2, the winding of the device is secondary. The rectification of the action on the chain is from the V1 ... V8 diode, the dividers are R3 ... R14, and the resistor is R15. Namaliavana on natovarvanetto at the lowest quality filter
on Z1 ce attached to the load on the inverter.

Figure 2.2 Block diagram on converter

Effectiveness is based on a bazaat on a Veriga diode.

The exhaust voltage is proportional to the average current per diode Veriga. The diode veriga is close to a parabolic-voltage-current characteristic. Therefore, the average resistance to voltage is proportional to squares to the effective input voltage.

How is the performance of quadrature current injected? Split R3 ... R14 across the grid from the common source to the stabilizer out of the source for the voltage E. Splitter chooses the selection to the predilections Ui, apply to the diode, and satisfy U 1 <U 2 <... <U 6 . Until the input voltage U of the circuit reaches U 1, all the diodes are closed and the initial part of the IVC is a straight line with a slope depending on the resistances of the resistors R1, R2 and R15. When the voltage U exceeds the voltage U 1, the diode V3 opens and in parallel R2 a divider R3, R4 is connected. The slope of the IVC in the area from U 1 to U 2 increases, the current in the circuit will become i i = i o + i 1. When the condition U> U 2 is fulfilled, the current i i = i o + i 1 + i 2 is leaked into the transformer. Transconductance CVC now increase from U to U. The choice of suitable dividers can be obtained under the format on the BAX, a line is drawn, approaching everything up to a square parabola.To begin with, a square characteristic of the synthesizer from the beginning of the cross section on the characteristics of a series of diode cells.

The coefficient of conversion for such a converter is Kv = I / U2, which is the first average resistance to the outgoing current to the converter and the maximum effective input resistance.

When converting the devices from the main quadratic detector from the thermal branch, similarly to a thermoelectric amplifier. Takv converter is a combination from one or more thermal and dual heaters. It is based on the lack of a square square character on the transformation function. This lack of a se liminira through the supplemental differential circuit is not included in two (or more) thermal doubles, as shown in FIG. 2.3.

Kogato is the measurement of the voltage Ux all applied to the thermal transducer TP 1, the corresponding voltage on TP 1 U 1 = k T U 2 ck.

In addition to the thermal transducer TP 1, the second transducer of the TP2 transducer, the coyote is connected to TP 1 cross section. At TP 2, it is attached to the reverse voltage, such as the external voltage U 2 = k T  U 2 3.

To begin with, at the entrance to the UPT, the pressure

U 1 - U 2 = k T  (U 2 ck -  U 2 3), (2.1)


U 3 = k UPT k T  (U 2 ck -  U 2 3). (2.2)

Ako parameterize on the veriga sa election such as

k UPT ≤ k T  2U 2 3 \ u003e \ u003e U 3, (2.3)

Togawa Nai U 3  U ck Functions for transforming into a single unit.

Figure 2.3 Block diagram on converter

rms caution

Medium-sized convertere transducer per excurrent voltage constant current, proportional to U sv. Characteristics on current intake on such a transformer, trypva and ima linear part in the girth on the entrance of the intake. An example of such a converter can serve as a cathode of semiconductors from a ruler with a wide range of filters. Nay-christo sach papante chains (Figure 2.4). In the schematics of FIG. 2.4, and the current of the pre-diagonal on the bridge leaks into one and eats the side of the bridge and the second half of the period for the projection. In the case of a semi-trap stream of a pre-verigat: bumper input terminal - diode V1 - diagonal bridge - diode V4 - input terminal is given; in the negative: posnion terminal - diode V3 - diagonal on the bridge - diode V2 - a miniaturized terminal.

Posokat on the current of consensus on posokat on the conductance on the tesi diode. Characterize a real linearly sectional diode diode, as if it is different from the condition of transformation.Tokat, preminavasch prezdiodes with a positive resistance to input voltage

, (2.5)

Each R v (U) e is opened with a resistance per diode, depending on the voltage applied, R e is resisted by a voltage.

Parvovonachalnata part of the characteristics of e close to the square. Consequently, there is a lot of sin, which is coyote too little, and a bit closer to the linear characteristic of the diode.

Figure 2.4 Block Diagram on a Transformer

The average corrected property for the time being.

For the linearity on the characteristics of the current-voltage, adding the resistor R ext to the diagonal of the bridge in series with the resistor R, it is much less than the resistance of the diode R v (U).

Into the case

. (2.6)

Dependence on the current from the rest of the bed is close to linear. Namalyavaneto on the sensitivity is switched on by R ext can yes and be compensated by means of additional amplification.

The cycle shown in figure 2.4, b, is distinguished from the preceding, by kyo instead of diode V3 and V4, switching on the resistor R1 and R2. When half of the cycles are positive, the current of the V1 pre-diode and the R1 resistor is exhausted.Prez of resistor R2 in half the cycle of current does not flow, but do not press the terminals to zero. In the negative half of the circuit, the current of the current diode V2 and the resistor R2 is exhausted.

Equating to the transformations for splitting the schema can be worn out:

For the schematat (figure 2.4a)

U o = K v cv U c =
, for Rv1 = Rv2 = Rv3 = Rv4 = Rv (2.7)

Ako R \ u003e \ u003e R v, togawa U = U s;

For the schematat (figure 2.4, b)

U o = K v cv U c =
with Rv1 = Rv2 = Rv; R1 = R2 = R, (2.8)

Ako R \ u003e \ u003e R v, togawa U = U sv.

Realization of the fault is mainly caused by nonlinearity in the characteristics of the current-voltage on the diode and the direct influence of the stability of the diode on the diode current, passing the power supply to the bridge.

Try it, and then add more, than a linearity on the characteristics of such a detector would be good, go to U x (for U x the detector becomes quadratic). Consequently, the detector is detected on the middle of the rectified endurance, which is usually the case, because of its creeping in the voltmetry on the second modification.

converter It is a unitary electrical device that completely converts electrical energy into parameters or into electricity with other parameters or quality indicators. Parameterize for electric power the energy of the view and current on the current and pressure, honest, gap, phase for voltage.

According to the degree of controllability, transform into electrical energy, and the division of energy into uncontrollable and controllable. When you control the converters, exit promenlivi: voltage, current, honesty - could be regulated.

Vzz basis on the elementary base electric converters sa division intoelectric machine (inside) andsemiconductor (static), Electromachine converters are sold based on electrical engineering and are actually relatively common application in electrical insertion. Semiconductor converters Mogat Yes, diode, thyristorney and transistor.

It is natural to convert energy into energy, because energy is transformed into current distributors, inverters, voltage converters, voltage regulators, and voltage converters DC phasewise.

In automate the electrical retracting of the cross from the mainsemiconductor and thyristor and transistor converters with direct and reverse current.

Preferred to semiconductors and converters is rich in the functionality of the controller of the process on the conversion to energy,performance and efficiency, stomach, convenience and convenience for maintenance, work time, protection, alarm, diagnostics and test systems on the engine elektrozadvivvaneto and technologically equipped.

In time, the inequalities of the character is also characteristic of semiconductors and converters. Those include: high sensitivity on a semiconductor and a device for current preparatory, voltage and speed on a tehnata industrial, low noise, from curvature to a sinusoidal current form and medium voltage.

And the current transformer converts the voltage to the current in the voltage to the constant (rectified) current.

Noncontrol current collectors

They do not regulate the entire product and izvrshvat on the non-control of the semiconductor device with foreign conductors.

Control current collectors This is done on the controllers of the diode thyristor and will allow the regulator to use them in a proper manner.

Current Controller

The current to power must be non-reversible and reversible. Turn on current collectors and allow polarity to be rectified for your product, and do not reverse it.Spread of the broach on the phase direction from the directors to the input path of the current of the separation in single phase and triphase and schematics by the means - to the bridge and from zero power.

Convertor to a constant current inlet cъm. Tezi converters from izzolzvat se htotni converters in the case of electrical energy from the electrical break, or kato is separated, the converter is coarsely sliding from the electric constant voltage.

In the circuit on the electric sliding from the autonomous inverter on the voltage and current, realizing the world on a thyristor or transistor.

Stand alone inverter on power (AIN) They have a characteristic characteristic that is dependent on the output voltage of the current in NATO, such as when it is applied to the goods all over the goods, and the output pressure left them is almost unchanged. Such an inverter is always on top of the whole kato product by the ratio of the goods.

Autonomous Current Inverter (AIT) IMAT "meka" injecting characteristic and pritezhavat kvestiateat on iztochnik on current. Such an inverter will power on the current to current ratio of the product.

Chestonia transformer (inverter) It is called AC converters for the standard on the standard of honor and the standard for the standard for the regulated on the honor. Semiconduct successors into two groups: honesty converters with direct and honesty converters from the inter-dc DC.

Chestotnite converters with direct to you will allow and will exchange your credit for the total amount of goods in the pack for itself compared with that for a source of energy. Integral DC converters at the same time as the limiter and the widest range of power supplies.

Industrial control transformer for electric swiveling

AC regulator for tension It is called AC converters for caution, eats standard honesty, and punches in regulatively. That one could be one-phase and three-phase and one-way into silat is often, usually, a thyristor-like thyristor.

DC regulator for caution The converter is named for unregulated voltage at a source for a constant current into an adjustable voltage at the goods.In tezi converters of semiconductor izpolzvat and zamvvvlyuve, working in an impulse mode and control for a long time in the range of modulation to the foreground.

The result is a nai-golamoto distribution, with some progress on impulse, at a constant exchange, with constant honesty on the next thing.

Prekvaneto on elektrozahranvaneto in our house, uvi, becoming a tradition. Have you given more shabby and directed urocyte ess sveshta? Or the film is just interesting on TV, coito bi beat yes glate. Anyone can be a Corigier, like a bathhouse for a car. You can have a device glued together globally, the DC-to-AC converter is named (in Western terms there is a DC-AC converter).

Figures 1 and 2 show two main circuits for such converters. Verigat on figure 1 of the creeping four of the power of the transistor VT1 ... VT4, working in the key mode. When one half cycle is from 50 Hz voltage, transistor VT1 and VT4 will be open. GB1 is the current from the battery of protic prez transistor VT1, the primary winding on the transformer T1 (from left to diagonal on the diagram) and VT4 transistor. Present the second half open period transistor VT2 and VT3, the current from the battery GB1 VT3 mina prez of the transistor TV1 transformer winding (winding on the diagram) and transistor VT2.As a result, the winding of the TV1 promenlivi is wound on the transformer for the current, and the secondary winding is reused on the 220 on 6. At a voltage of 12 voptovogo factor K = 220/12 = 18.3.

A generator on impulse with a 50 Hz integrity can be based on the transistor logic of a chip and any other element of the base. Figure 1 shows an impulse generator; a separate KR1006VI1 timer (DA1 chip). From the cost of the DA1, impulse from 50 Hz preminavat pre two inverters on the transistor VT7, VT8. From parvia from tezi, impulsi ce will be delivered through VT5 a booster to the current per annealed VT2, VT3, and secondly, a prez VT6 booster to the current per anchored VT1, VT4. Ako transistor VT1 ... VT4 with high current transfer ratio ("superbeta"), such as type or KT827B power FETs such as KP912A, really VT5, VT6 amplifiers and not put.

In the circuit in FIG. 2, two of the power transistors VT1 and VT2 itself are self-creeping, but the first winding on the transformer is two more ways and a middle point. The oscillator on an impulse in a basin is connected to the cathode base of VT1 and VT2, and transistor of the point A and B to the impulsen generator of the chain in Figure 1.

The operation time on the converter is determined from the capacity on the accumulator and the power on the product. Ako is allowed to be charged on an accumulator e 80% (tin baterium sa permission), and it will take time to work on the converter from such a converter:

T (h) = (0,7WU) / P, each W - capitalization for bateryat, Ah; U - nominal pressure for bateryat, V; P e power on natoVarvan, W. In tozi image of the report and efficiency on the converter, coeto rule 0.85 ... 0.9.

Togava, for example, with the aid of a capacity of 55 Ah for an accumulator, with a nominal voltage of 12 V with a natovarvan for power on a lamp with an actuator of 40 W for working time e 10 ... 12 hours, with a natovarvan for television receiver 150w 2, 5-3ch at.

Davama, tribute for the transformer T1 for two cases: for the maximum of the NATO 40 W and the maximum of the NATO 150 W.

In the table: S is the flat area at the magnetic magnet Verige; W1, W2 - a brogout on a zavrtaniyat on an operating and secondary winding; D1, D2 - diameters on conductors on pirvichnite and reiterate winding.

You can and from the crawler is ready to store the transformer, do not finish the winding, but you will go to the primary winding. In case of a case, a trace of a coil, a rattle, and switch on the winding winding in the winding machine, and you can check it, then at least for a winding winding e 12 V.

In particular, because of the kato power, the transistor VT1 ... VT4 is inserted into a figure of 1 or VT1, VT2 is inserted into a figure of Figure 2 KT819A, you try and remember. The maximum current is operated for the current of the transistor 15A, but this is calculated on the power converter over 150 W,It is necessary to set either a transistor with a maximum current of excess of 15 A (for example, KT879A), or switching on two transistors in parallel. When the maximum current is working from 15 A, the power consumption for the transistor is about 5 watts, the power of 3 watts is distributed to the radiator without a maximum heat sink. This is necessary for these transistors, and they will put the radiator under the format on a metal floor with an area of ​​15-20 cm.

Of course, the converter on the converter e under the format on the bipolar amplitude on the impulse of 220 V. Tova on the platform is suitable for storing on a different radio, but do not speak for the radio. In the case of a tov, single-phase electric motors with a tension from the pelvis, the form will work poorly. Consequently, it is not necessary and that you turn on the prahmuskach or magnetophone for such a converter. The output from the positioning may be intended, through navivane, to be additionally wound into the arch of the T1 transformer and damaged on the Cp condenser (shown in Fig. 2). Tosi condenser is chosen as such; after drawing the line, it is tuned to 50 Hz. Kogato power converter 150 W capacity per capacitor can be calculated by the formula C = 0.25 / U2, each U -voltage, which is formed in addition, for example, U = 100, C = 25 UF.In a short time, the condensate is a rag and work at the time of injection (at the same time it is possible to penetrate the metal charter of the condenser at K42U or similar) and at the same time work at a low 2U. Takawa Veriga is being eaten frequently from the power to the converter. Tazi part of the power depends on the quality factor on the condenser. Such a thing, for the condensator from the metal charter, the tangentate on the differential is blunt 0.02 ... 0.05, and such efficiency on the converter is from about 2 ... 5%.

For this, do not damage the bateryat; they will not convert to an alarmat because of their damage. A single simple diagram of the indicator e is shown in FIG. Transistor VT1 e pragov element. Dokatno punched on the battery e normally open transistor VT1 and focused on the collector e under the DD1.1 chip prag for tension, such as the audio signal of the generator on the chip did not work. Kogato stretches across the battery to a critical condition, the VT1 transistor is enclosed (the ce point is determined by the resistor R2), and the oscillator is used for the chip and the signal "DD." Instead of a piezoelectric element, it can be because of the crawl, the high visibility from the lowest power is dynamic.

The trail of the kato is the crawl of the inverter, the bateryat of the tryabva and here and there. For charging the device can be done by crawling the transformer T1, but winding into the winding wrench, is not enough, this catheter is intended for 12 V, and it is necessary to find 17 V. Consequently, the trybish and the winding of the transformer secondary winding on the charging device. Naturally, if you start a bateryat, a veygata on a transformer is a tryabwa and you can easily turn it on.

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