Congratulations on the Day of the SIZO Prisons and Prisons in verses and prose

Good day! Day of prison and prison workers is celebrated on October 31. In 1963, the Board of the RSFSR Ministry of Public Security adopted a decision on the formation of pre-trial detention centers as a new type of institution operating in the penitentiary system of our country.However, the holiday was established by the director of the Federal Penitentiary Service only in September 2006.

On this auspicious day, solemn events are organized for employees with the purpose of awarding especially distinguished letters, handing out souvenirs and announcing thanks. Veteran workers are also invited to these meetings. Also, some prisons in honor of the holiday conduct excursions for journalists in order to demonstrate the cells and punishment cells, in which famous people served their sentences.

At the moment, about 50 thousand people work in the Russian structure of the Federal Penitentiary Service.

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Postcards Happy Day Prison and Prison Employees

Congratulations on the Day of the SIZO and Prison Employees in verses

Happy day prison and prison workers,
For health and success we will drink today,
That luck and ingenuity did not leave you,
Congratulations on this day loving.
I wish the working day to pass quietly
So that fear will not disturb the purity of your soul,
At home or at work you need to be cool,
Do and solve worries, the main thing is to honor the laws.

Keep on the chain of the wicked,
The detention center is on the lock, no one can get through,
Do not be afraid, be brave and courageous,
I wish to find my core soon.
A prison is power, law and order,
That a thief should get his due,
It won't come out for them, play hide and seek with you,
Lattice slid and snapped the lock.

Autumn grayness, trees have fallen,
And the body caresses the steel breeze,
On holiday we always congratulated a friend,
But before the thug put on the castle.
The detention center and the prison is a beautiful place
And if someone suddenly decided to rest,
He will be invited, according to the law, all honestly,
And he can take a long nap.
And you're on guard, you need a resort,
Always protect from peaceful people,
I wish you happiness, salary increase,
And leave three times a year to receive.

Violators are sitting, and you are standing above them,
Your eyes are burning, from care and love,
Between the corridors of the lovely ones, carrying the keys,
Thoughts, turning over, jumps the prison expert.
It seems distracted from the case, here and a holiday on the nose,
We will boldly mark, I will bring a snack,
The first toast to those who serve and work in the SIZO,
And the second for the bandyugans, let's drink their glass in spite.

On the Day of Prison Officers
You deserve like no one
Literacy, honor, praise,
Difficult way because you have passed!

On the Day of Workers of All Prisons
We wish and discuss,
All merit and courage
Congratulations we are a hard worker!

It will always be warm
The house is very good
Peace, peace and kindness,
They will never leave!

Life is not a cloudless tale

It does not count difficult turns,
There are different colors in it:
SIZO and prisons too.

Today is a holiday we celebrate
Those who work there now,
We heartily congratulate you,
We wish you all the best!

This is a celebration for serious

And responsible people.
There will be many important
And solemn speeches.

There will be congratulations
For employees of the detention center.
Let the hard work
In joy will be all the same!

Let the workers of all prisons,
Forget the importance of affairs.
On this holiday, let them walk,
So that the fire in his eyes burned!

Prison and prison staff
On their holiday of happiness we wish!
Thank you they will say
For protecting us all,

What evil are kept behind bars
Reforming rage
And they keep something in “people”
What people have left.

Let justice come at once,
About her we ask God.
Evil genius will be let punished
Grate crude jail!

Celebrate your holiday together
Prison and Prison Officers,
Let him be merry, wonderful
Eyebrow guard let him not frown

Let it today with beer frothy
This celebration comes,
Let the prison go cold,
Come joy and warmth.

You serve a beautiful country
From the evil of the native people keeping
Wishes you peace and happiness
Our huge land!

Prison and prison staff
This holiday is dedicated to
On serious faces gloomy
Let him smile smiles!

Hard work is yours
We know that for sure.
Holiday let life decorate,
Let the joy give you!

The society you save
From threats, from pain, evil,
You gangsters are guarding
For accomplished deeds.

Prison guards congratulate
And employees of the detention center!
They protect us
Holding evil behind bars

They do not release the world
Those who violated our law,
Those who honestly do not know
Who is the evil around done.

May the Lord help you
Peace, keep calm,
With power, with power,
To guard the powers of darkness!

Congratulations on the Day of the SIZO and Prison workers in prose

On the Day of the SIZO and Prison Workers, I wish to maintain restraint and a strong-willed character, justice and steady authority. Let health grow stronger every day, and in the house there will be happiness and comfort, well-being and prosperity.

Congratulationsand on the Day of the SIZO and Prison Workers I wish you strong health, strong character, authority at work and great respect, happiness in the family and wealth in the house, good mood and inexhaustible vital energy.

Prison and SIZO workers today celebrate their day of the year. Happy holiday, dear warders, peace officers in prisons and corrections. Thanks to you, justice in our country is done properly, and prisoners take the path of correction. Let your professionalism grow stronger every year and everything that is planned will come true!

On the professional holiday, we hasten to congratulate you, strict and responsible employees of prisons and other places where violators of the law are serving their well-deserved correctional term. And although in your work there is little pleasant and positive, we want to wish you many happy and happy days, family well-being and obedient prisoners.

Those who follow the wrongdoers and intruders every day, keep discipline and order in prisons and pre-trial detention centers, we congratulate on their professional holiday. Steel doors shut, do not worry, you're the head here! Let the thieves and gangsters according to their merits "rest" in your possessions, taking the path of correction and honoring the law dictated by you.

Where murderers, bandits, robbers can serve their term for years, strict and cold-blooded warders and superiors work. Thanks to you, employees of prisons and SIZO, according to the law, without concessions, violators of the law are serving their sentences. On this day, we wish you steel health, great endurance and patience. Let prosperity always be in your families, and order at work.

Worker of the SIZO, you bow low for respecting the law and discipline in the camp, where the bandits "rest" from the will.Here you manage everything, follow the schedule. On the festive day, we wish you a three-day vacation a year, a high salary, pure love, and the kids are at home.

We want to congratulate today the workers of an unusual and bold profession. Being a guard, a security guard, a warden in prison is not for everyone. To hold in his hands the thief, the murderers is not a simple and very responsible business. Therefore, on this day we want to wish all the workers in the places of deprivation of freedom healthy nerves, patience and strength.

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