Congratulations on the Day of the End of the Second World War

Good day! The end of the Second World War is celebrated around the world, where the scary wheel of this large-scale battle has rolled, which has become a sad symbol of the 20th century. She knows no equal in terms of the number of victims or the unprecedented cruelty of opponents, resulting in high-profile international trials and harsh sentences. Despite the fact that a little less than a century has passed since those tragic times, Germany still bears the burden of responsibility for the ancestral guilt and pays reparations to the victims.

Famous World War II and the manifestation of the courage of people and their most worthy qualities. Fighting for the Motherland and peace of the whole world, men, women, old people and children of all nations involved in the flame of war actively defended their land, who were in the active army, and who, acting in the underground and partisan detachments. It is to the fortitude of every one who fought and their will to win that the modern world owes its peace, which it calls for not to forget the holiday.

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Postcards With the End of the Second World War

Congratulations On the End of the Second World War in Verse

The end of the Second World War!
Thank God! Sons have returned home ...
Thank God! The shooting ended — the struggle ...
Thank God! This demonic war is over!

Let heavens implant our minds to all of us,
So that the plan for revenge does not fill the head,
To live peacefully and raise all the children
So that the peaceful sky glorified the new day!

Today is a holiday that is always in memory!
September 2 - remember forever!
The end of the Second World War!
When all the sons, grandfathers returned!

When fathers cried from happiness,
They were called: "What a great fellow!"
May God grant the right to live in the world
With all in the world only to be friends!

Thank you for the peaceful days,
For waking up in the sun
And that hopes are burning,
Change the world behind a small window.

Great Day, when the war ended,
We will remember, we promise you,
And we will tirelessly repeat:
We will make our peaceful land a paradise.

The second of September, the soul freezes,
Holiday today is a tear,
Sad and happy for us on this day
When the war was only a shadow.

But how many lives have been destroyed,
Hope, dreams only rain washed away quietly,
For the world that gave us a good fate,
We will stand, just like you, with a wall.

We are with the end of the Second World War.
Congratulations to the whole world,
Calm sky over every country
We wish you health and happiness!

Let this day fill the hearts
Excitement for many years.
Let nobleness be no end
It will conquer all adversity.

End of the Second World War short greetings

Today, the second of September, the whole world marks the end of World War II. Millions of people lay flowers at the monuments of heroes, thousands of veterans from all over the world today remember those terrible six years of life when the world turned upside down. Thank you, veterans, for the peaceful sky above your head!

End of the war day
Scary World War II,
Today, many remember
In the world - every second.

Tragic events
In the hearts cause sadness
We are proud of our veterans,
Although they are incredibly sorry.

The second of September is a great date for the whole world. Day of the end of the Second World War. Today, the liberation from the fascist invaders of many countries that have lived in fear and horror for six years is marked.I bow to those heroes thanks to whom we live! Thank you very much!

Happy End of the War
World War II, I congratulate the whole world,
I wish everyone to live without conflict,
I sincerely wish the countries.

Let's not shoot
In each other never again
Let's solve everything peacefully
Let the grief and misfortune go away.

On the Day of the end of the Second World War, I want to wish all veterans of the world a long life and good health. Though you are not young anymore, I wish you a wonderful state of health, gentle care from relatives and state social protection. You are our heroes! We are proud of you!

The end of the Second World War beautiful poems

A terrible, terrible war ...
How many lives you managed to take!
Mothers left without sleep
On her breast she snaked ...

But everything passes ... and you, the war,
Could not ever last forever!
We hope you left,
Never to repeat!

I congratulate you on a special day -
The Second World War ended ...
The world appreciate your window!
May love win from now on!

On this day for many years
Someone suddenly managed to smile ...
Yes, the war pushed the nations
But no one succeeded in it ...

Millions of people died,
Lost fathers, mothers ...
How terrible at that time lived!
Buried their children!

Let it be a terrible time.
Will not return forever here!
It is necessary in the best to believe in happiness!
Do not touch let trouble!

Many years have passed since long ago
And they once sink into oblivion:
Barefoot ran into the yard,
And he bawled out that there are forces "With Victory!"

Someone's mother sobbed, not hiding,
And in the hands of squeezed burial -
I didn't have time, no, I didn't wait
She took the war of her child ...

Let us never try
World War in this world!
We will always stand for peace,
Remember - everyone is responsible for it!

World War II
The second of September
Over, dashing -
Memorized the earth

Heavy metals
Grenades, bullets, blood,
Last minute train stations
And the explosions again and again.

Who needs all this?
Damn the war!
Taste of bitterness and poison
I will remember forever.

The second of September -
End of terrible war!
Only it was used for good reason
Not at all in vain.

Only the world would be around
Without corpses and without blood.
And if it suddenly
Will it happen again?

I would give everything,
So that was not so!
I wish you all good
Consent of man!

The end of the Second World War - SMS greetings

We are with the end of the Second World War.
Congratulations to the whole world,
Calm sky over every country
We wish you health and happiness!

Let this day fill the hearts
Excitement for many years.
Let nobleness be no end
It will conquer all adversity.

Oh, it seems to us that a long time ago
The Second World War passed,
But the heart is still full of trepidation
We still remember her with pain.

Let your mistakes remember the light
On this anniversary day of reconciliation.
Hope that many long years
There will be no repetition on the planet!

Looking from heaven lost heroes
At the cost of their lives, we have been given a victory,
We will not forget, we remember you
So many songs about you are folded and sung.

September 2 is not just a date
The war is over, holy war
Soldiers gazing at us from the sky thoughtfully.
You are remembered by the whole country.

Once it began,
Cursed World War II ...
Suffering, fear and pain she only brought.
We remember that time, do not forget.

September 2nd now
We celebrate victory and freedom,
What we got all a huge price.
With the victory over the enemy! Honor to the soldier that served the people!

War is pain and evil
Ruin, hunger and death.
Why did the whole world explode
Desire to kill?

Why do those who lived in the world
With each other went to fight?
Nightmare World War II
Let it not happen again.

About the End of the Second World War in verse

The memorable date is the second of September.
In the 45th, that day the war ended,
Tears of happiness, joy, peace in all the earth,
The bloody war is gone in the darkness!
Congratulations on the holiday, peace to your home,
And may the damned war, not come to us again!

Happy end of the war -
Second and world on the whole planet,
Words and poems are flying today,
And in the back drives a proud wind.

Thanks to everyone who saved their homeland,
Who left his life on the altar -
Without you, a huge world, as if asleep,
Your feat, beat the heart of Russian forced.

Today is a very loud occasion to congratulate all people,
After all, the Second World War ended many years ago.
This is a great, glorious day. What is there to add?
This historic victory, this century-old victory!

Bow to the heroes, memory, respect for all our years,
Thank you, our dear veterans for their freedom.
Let you always get around sadness, disease, trouble,
Let there be peace everywhere, gazing in sorrow and at bad weather.

Any war is tears and death.
No one wants to grow old so fast.
The former has long been overgrown with swan,
But we should not be the abyss dumb.

Memory to all those who perished irretrievably;
Memory to all those who still live.
Memory, honor and “hurray!” Many times.
Thank you for your life, for the spiritual space!

The war is infinite, the war did not die,
After all, our great nation remembers it.
But no, you, the war, did not reach her:
We are also looking forward with confidence!

We have a memory in our heart and pain for loved ones
Let's launch the salute and exclaim “Hurray!”
But remember: war is the wounded lists,
War is the smoke from a human fire.

One blessed day has come
The World War II ended.
Let not the shadow fall on the face
Let the sadness, sadness subsides today.

I congratulate you, my friends, very happy
I wish you all happy, easy days,
Let there be no obstacles in them
There will be no enemies, only loyalty of friends.

Official congratulations on the Day of the End of the Second World War in prose

Dear countrymen!

I cordially congratulate you on the anniversary of the end of the Second World War.

In August, the 45th year, our region was on the front line. Under the command of Marshal A.M. Vasilevsky troops of the 1st and 2nd Far Eastern, Trans-Baikal fronts,The Pacific Fleet and the Red Banner Amur Flotilla conducted victorious operations to defeat the million Kwantung Army. Manchuria, North China, Korea, South Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands were liberated.

On September 2, 1945, the act of capitulation of militaristic Japan was delivered to Khabarovsk, to the Headquarters of the Commander-in-Chief of the Soviet troops in the Far East. That was how the victory point in World War II was set! The legal basis of today's world order in the Asia-Pacific region is predetermined.

We are grateful to all for the military and labor feat. We remember those who fought for the Victory, who did not return from the war, who, unfortunately, are no longer with us ...

Our task is to preserve the memory of the feat of the older generation, instill in youth the same unlimited love and devotion to the Fatherland, and protect the historical truth.

I wish veterans, home front workers, all residents of the land good health, love and care of loved ones, a peaceful sky over your head!

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