Congratulations on the Day of Precinct

Day sms congratulations

Hey, boss, how are you?
Again the complaint came,
On the neighbors, on the homeless,
Attempted robberies?
No, rest today
It is better to celebrate your holiday
And neighbors with us,
And homeless with homeless
Sometime today
Understand yourself!

You are a thunderstorm punks

And old women are a good friend,
You are very, very necessary to us,
And without you we are like without hands!

On the plot is the first guy
Already peaked cap on one side.
Congratulations, precinct,
You in November this day!

Today is a district holiday

And we note that not in vain
An intelligent district was appointed to the district.
We are a cop - you!

Keep order so consciously
You are always at your post!
So let your life be sure
Fulfill every dream!

Precinct walks through the district,

Knows the violators in person,
Where are some hidden dens
And what is the password for scoundrels?

With him our heart beats faster,
We are not afraid for our children,
We are the first to congratulate today.
The precinct who is all brave!

Your profession has arrived.

You are a precinct, which means
I wish you patience and strength
To cope with the task
Nested in your hands for a long time.
May the will accompany you.
Stars on pagony. And know one thing:
You are a general in your share.

You are a local policeman,

Your job is so hard
You are an example of valor and courage,
In the area everyone knows about it.

Today is your personal holiday,
We sincerely wish you
To make you all like a hero
Hard work while doing it!

You are a harsh guy

New precinct!
Quiet and very quiet
On the plot below you.

Let it continue like this
Take the streets into a fist.
We are grateful! Merci!
Ask whatever you want!

Congratulations in prose Happy District Policeman

Being a precinct is not an easy thing, because life presents many different “surprises” ... We wish you not to lose faith in people on your professional holiday. Let not worries and troubles surround you, but love, justice and goodness! We wish you a magical working environment, a fabulous salary and a wonderful mood!
Congratulations on your precinct! You are always aware of all the problems in your area, you are always in a hurry to help, you are a storm for hooligans and hope for the victims.We wish you on your site, in work and in life there was less danger, less problems and unrest, but respect, recognition, true friends, reliable colleagues, salary and love were more.

Being a precinct means fully serving the citizens. You are almost all your life at work, because weekends and holidays are very rare for you. But today is a holiday - the day of the district police officer. Let at least one day on your site be calm, and it will be a great gift for you. We wish you great happiness from the bottom of our hearts, with all the best of luck. Let two stars be laid on your shoulders on the day of the holiday. Great inspiration to you in work, luck and success. Let fate be benevolent to you. Well-being to you, self-confidence, patience. May your family always be happy, and look forward to seeing you from the service. Be happy!

The precinct is a special vocation. This work is the call of the heart and soul. Random precinct should not be. Because only you citizens seek help, with the confidence that only you can solve their problem. Today is a solemn event 0 Day precinct. Please accept our sincere congratulations and wishes.Get for your work only thanks. Be an example for everyone. We wish you good health, longevity. Let your colleagues respect and appreciate you, let you have good luck and success. Let less crime be on your site. Joy to you in life, good mood and luck. Well-being, material wealth, a cozy family nest. Let the angel protect you from all troubles and tribulations. Peace and good to you in everything.

Today, our district official day, he said - a professional holiday. I heartily congratulate you! May this day be remembered for a long time by you so joyful, joyful, solemn. Let the words of gratitude be heard from all sides. I wish you good health, good mood, great success in your work. Let your desires always coincide with the possibilities, and for this, let them raise your salary at least once in three. Smaller for you sleepless nights, and more successful days. Loyal and loyal friends, great mutual love and all the best.

How nice to communicate with a man like our precinct. He will always listen attentively, give practical advice, and will certainly lend a helping hand.Today is your holiday, our dear precinct. Sincerely accept our congratulations. Let your everyday work bring inspiration. Let you appreciate, respect and notice at work. Great career growth to you, you deserve it. Patience, well-being and great happiness. May a good mood always accompany you. May your good heart warm citizens. Let the bird of happiness often fly to your home. Family well-being, peace and luck to you.

It is not an easy task to be a precinct. And only an honest, good-hearted person can cope with this. We know that. This is our precinct. It is he who protects our life from bullies and injustice. It is to him we appeal if we need help, and he never refuses us. Today is your professional holiday. We wish you great success in your service. Let nothing cloud your life. Good health, great happiness, and success in everything. All of what you dream, let it surely come true. Great coziness and comfort in the home circle. May the Lord always keep you.

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