Congratulations on the Day of Hockey

Good day! Sport is the basis of life, active and successful, purposeful and inspired. How many worthy moments brings the world of big sport, in which there are numerous and significant events. The All-Russian Hockey Day is a special national holiday. It is on this holiday that you can emphasize the value of hockey and national sport, express admiration for the best athletes and thank them for their achievements.

In each case, you can pick up unique words for congratulations on the upcoming holiday, on the All-Russian day of hockey. Is it possible that it is precisely the chosen greeting that will allow you to inspire your loved one, who gives good hopes for further progress? Despite such a simple manifestation of attention, the basic value, consisting in sincerity, remains.

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Postcards Happy Hockey Day

Congratulations on the Day of the Hockey Player in verse

All-Russian Hockey Day is celebrated
We congratulate all the teams,
We wish you patience, good luck,
And worthy victories to boot.
Sharp you blades and smooth day,
So that fate has always been gracious,
Health strong, all the best, wealth,
So that life is always sweet.

Russian hockey players, honor and praise to you,
Your life is a game
You are full of confidence, energy, strength,
After all, this sport is real men.
The sun of luck let you shine
Trouble let you not notice
Good health, well-being,
And all the best.

Do hockey today is a day off,
Sticks in a row are all one
All-Russian Hockey Day is celebrated
Good luck to all athletes.
New achievements to you and victories,
Happy, pleasant meetings,
In all success and luck,
And always a great mood.

Hockey is a real game of the century,
Indifferent will not leave a single person
His favorites are known to the whole world,
And everyone has their own idol.
Congratulations on All-Russia Hockey Day,
All the best sincerely wish
Let the puck often fly into the opponent's gate,
Let your luck always haunt you.

Real men play hockey,
The rink is not an arena for ploys,
Hockey is a strong sport and beautiful
Demanding skills, maneuverability and strength.
Congratulations on the All-Russia Hockey Day,
We sincerely wish you good health,
Career growth albeit skyrocketing,
Let the thread of life be strong.

Sms greetings Happy Hockey Day in verse and prose

All-Russian Hockey Day
Notes the whole country.
Congratulations to all fans
On a holiday this nice me.

Let the sportsmen make you happy
An incredible game.
Let the victory in every match
Astonish in frequency.

On the All-Russian Day of Hockey, I want to wish apt eyes and dexterous hands, happy stick and obedient puck, confident forces and strong ice, safe matches and winning games, funny stories and happy hopes.

On the All-Russian Day of Hockey, I want to wish from the bottom of my heart strong ice, exciting games, a magical puck tending to an opponent, reliable protection, loud fans, ardent fans, good luck and undoubted personal happiness.

The world today loudly notes
Hockey day that's why i
Hurry, hurry and congratulations
With this triumph of you.

Let the ice beautiful battles
Will be bright, always spectacular.
Sport is so worthy of respect
So let it never disappear.

Puck headlong on the ice slips,
And with a deft maneuver let everyone surprise
Let luck come to your favorite team
And all her matches will be won.
On a beautiful day, this one is hockey,
Successes, good, mood!

Happy Birthday Hockey Greetings

In vain hockey name is Canadian,
It's stupid and funny
Let them know overseas
What, he is Russian for a long time.

Congratulations you guys
All who stick and skate,
Nothing will exchange,
Despite the bruises.

Let the health of both steel
There will be many years in a row
Let luck be yours
Let the fans scream!

Let the puck into the goal flies,
Let the stands chant "Bravo!".
We believe the enemy will not win.
Russian hockey players - glory!

Our guys - doubly good luck,
To their power increased.
Let them be lucky in every game
So that the whole country rejoiced.

Holy in the power of sport believing
We celebrate the hockey day.
Sticks, puck, ice, skates,
The game is played by men.

The players - the excitement of excitement,
On the grounds - cold ice.
Surrender to the game without reserve -
And you always win!

Simply no wishes
For you a day hockey player:
Let the club fails,
It will be smooth ice and clean.

Let the skates maneuver thin
All teams overtake
Washer let with a ringing sound
In their gate flies.

Hockey is a game for the bravest,
For those who are not afraid of ice,
Whoever famously scores the puck
To the cheers of the cheers!

The heat of excitement, a squall of emotions
Reaching from the heights of the stands,
But our athlete is always calm,
Plays a calculated game.

Our hockey player, we wish you
Success to know in your destiny,
On the All-Russian Hockey Day
Good luck let come to you!

The battles are bright and successful,
Taste of defeat not know
Supports loved ones and teams
In the game, and in life to win!

Short hockey poems

Today is happy hockey
Congratulations to all of Russia,
We are proud of hockey players
Brave and strong.

I wish the puck exactly
To drive into the gate,
And with honor go back
On the podium.

Russian hockey
I wish to be the first to
Ice hockey tournaments all
Victory to complete.

All-Russian Hockey Day
Invites everyone to the ice!
Who can not ride,
Those, of course, now waiting

Spectacles bright just mass,
What hockey will give again
Amazing class.
Congratulations! Be cheerful!

Hockey Day - a celebration of power,
Will, courage, victory.
Real men,

May luck be with you
Let hearts burn with passion.
Let it fast like a puck
Happiness will come without end!

Happy all-Russian hockey
Congratulations to the Russians.
All Olympic health,
That was passion passions.

To stick with the puck happily
We met at the rink,
That the victory became sweet
Nayavu, and not in a dream!

All Russian players
Our hockey team,
We congratulate this day,
Let them not be stronger
We wish them happiness
And, of course, victory,
Let them not be injured
All troubles will pass by them!

Congratulations on the Day of Hockey in prose

Congratulations on the All-Russian day of hockey and wish this holiday I want a solid and even ice under your feet, powerful blows to the opponent's goal and the mark of the puck, great luck and incredible strength, tremendous victories and loud support.

Congratulations on the All-Russia Hockey Day. I wish not to succumb to the obstacles and obstacles of life, I wish only victories and high achievements, I wish extraordinary health, dexterity, courage, courage and vigor of strength, I wish you a strong stick on the ice and in life.

On the All-Russian Day of Hockey from the heart I want to want strong ice, exciting games, a magic puck, striving to the opponent's gate, reliable protection, loud fans,ardent fans, good luck and undoubted personal happiness.

Congratulations on the holiday - the All-Russian day of hockey. I wish you endurance and perseverance, patience and perseverance, the desire to achieve victory and the support of loved ones. Let everything happen in life, let the goals be achieved as quickly and quickly as the puck flies into the gates of rivals.

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