Coming strong car prices increase from September 2018

Experts say that a strong increase in prices for cars is coming from September 2018. This is especially true of imported cars, since the ruble is collapsing at the moment. The increase in the cost of production of the domestic automotive industry is associated with an increase in the rate of recycled assembly by 87% -125%. Viktor Pokhmelkin, chairman of the Motorists' Movement of Russia, said on a live broadcast to NSN that the rate was raised by the government, who wanted to increase the state budget “by any means”.


Price increase for cars

According to the RBC news publication, the following vehicle manufacturers will increase the price tags for their products:

  • Mazda;
  • GM;
  • Land Rover;
  • Ford.

Experts say that the rise in price of presented cars at the end of 2018 does not occur only because of their artificial reduction in price. These manufacturers are trying to keep the Russian consumer and to ensure a high level of sales.However, the current negative trend in the economy of the Russian Federation forces them to drastically change their positions. To restrain the rise in price becomes impossible.

Cars of foreign brands rise in price in different ways. For example, the world famous Ford will raise the price of passenger cars by 1% -2%. The chairman of this company has already confirmed such intentions. They will be implemented from the beginning of September. Prices for Chevrolet and Cadillac (also applies to cars) will rise to 5%. The same applies to Land Rover. The Japanese manufacturer Mazda will show an increase in value of 1%.

Motor transport for a wide range of consumers (Lada, Mitsubishi, Kia, Renault) has not yet announced any changes in pricing policy. The leadership will wait for stabilization in the Russian economy and a more stable exchange rate for the national currency. Statistics from the analytical agency Avtostat shows that in the first six months the cost of passenger cars has already increased by 7.4%. Significant growth was expressed in February - by 4.5%.


Price increase due to increase in the rate of utilized collection

The increased rate will have a negative impact on automotive companies that do not have production facilities in the Russian Federation. The rest of the representatives of this sphere will try to compensate the government for expenses.Confirmation of officials of these plans at the official level has not yet been reported, but many firms selling vehicles, have already increased the cost of goods.

According to information from the "Correspondent", the proposal to raise the rate of interest was received from the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The exact amount of collection depends on the brand of the car and the place of its assembly. This government hopes to reduce the negative mood on the part of the owners of passenger cars. Most will pay importers of transport. It is also planned to increase the cost of excise taxes, which will also contribute to higher prices for cars.

In the case of a positive decision of the government regarding the rate increase, a sharp increase in the price of foreign types of passenger transport will occur. According to information from various news outlets, the rise in prices for foreign cars will be from 10% to 17%. State the device assures that such a phenomenon should not be expected. The activities of manufacturers and sellers of cars will remain in the same vein. However, this statement applies only to those machines that are produced in Russian enterprises.

If we talk about premium and business class cars, then the rise in price of such products is expected to be insignificant.The current situation in the Russian Federation is such that the treasury is replenished mainly due to the middle strata of society. According to Victor Pokhmelkin, a rise in price of cars is coming in September, in September, for which ordinary citizens will pay. Oligarchs, in his opinion, will not suffer.

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