Comic wishes for the Old New Year

Good day! The old new year is a wonderful occasion to once again mark your favorite holiday for the second time. Such a phenomenon was formed due to the change of calendars - Julian (old) and Gregorian (new). It was at this time that 13 “extra” days were formed, which gave the world living in the new calendar the opportunity to celebrate the New Year on the night of January 13-14.

It is also a reason to have fun for people who observed Christmas fast. After all, it ends on January 7 - at Christmas. But January 13 is not a constant value. After all, the difference between the Julian and Gregorian calendars is growing by 1 day every century.

So in 2100, it will be 14 days. And the Old New Year in our descendants in 2101 will be celebrated a day later - January 14th. Date, celebrate the old New Year - January 14th.

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Congratulations on the Old New Year in verses

Old year is knocking at the house
Well we are waiting for him today!
Let's meet, together, New Year,
How the people met him!
Many years ago,
And probably glad too
Soul renewal
Dream hurry!
About health and good,
About career and warmth!
About wealth and love,
It will be so let - dreams
All turn suddenly in time,
Santa Claus, give instructions
To next year,
He brought us all the star!
That burned brighter than all
And everyone was waiting for success!

What a beauty - Old New Year!
Other countries do not know
With winter, with snow the holiday goes to us
Which I hope will not melt
What our ancestors are great!
Oh, someone who, and they knew a lot about it
The whole world only once, and grandfathers and fathers
Not once, but twice celebrated holiday
Thirteenth in the evening and I
At the festive table, as all sit down
My family will not drink vodka
And just have fun till you drop.
Work - time, and fun - an hour!
Everyone knows the proverb in Russia
Today is a holiday in Russia with us
Let others have it once.

Old New Year is coming
And give faith in a miracle
He will inspire you and understand
What you need. And on the dish
How magical you dessert
Happiness bright put
Last year will summarize
And good luck will bring!

He comes quietly, according to family -
The aroma of pine needles and candles,
Fairy tales that blizzard inspired,
Tea that you do not find hot,
Strong, like our friendship, wines,
The songs that we sing in chorus,
Bright as happiness, tangerines -
This holiday we love and wait.
Happy Old New Year, my dear!

Another great reason
Get together at the table
Let frost and cold outside the window -
We breathe happiness and warmth!
Let old New Year, of course,
You will bring good luck
Let there be endless joy
Let the whole year you are lucky!

Merry sms greetings with the Old New Year

Though they went to work,
But all have one concern -
Wait when will come to us
Old New Year again!

This Old New Year
Let success bring!
Make a wish,
Write to everyone a confession!

Let luck bring,
This old new year,
Year live without regret
More joyful troubles.

How happiness in life turn,
Old New Year has come to us!
All have fun, celebrate
Today, just do not miss!

I am with the Old New Year
I want to congratulate you all
I'm with a snow dance
On the deer I will fly.

Invite yourself luck
and she will come to you
to meet with you together
Good Old New Year!

Here again New Year -
Nothing that old.
Let your happen
Everything dreamed of.

Old New Year - short and funny greetings

Happy New Year,
Surprises let the weather bear:
Warm and bright sunshine light,
Let me give you one piece of advice:
Do not cry, do not be sad,
And let the joy into the house!
I wish you much happiness,
Come true to all your dreams!

Quietly snowflakes fall on the ground,
Again there is a reason for us to meet!
The holiday goes, happiness bears,
Each of us has been waiting for him for so long!
Someone dreams of tenderness, caress,
Live a whole year straight, like in a fairy tale!
Someone is only dreaming about money
Believes that fortune will soon notice!
Someone will ask for health
And, someone in favor of a career word utters!
Let all your wishes come true,
Life will be nicer and more beautiful!
After all, we welcome the New Year twice,
Let everyone be lucky, at least once!

We spend Old New Year,
Behind him will go all the days of sorrow!
And so next year
Insults like birds were flying!
Understand how much I love you!
Let's now forgive each other everything in the world!
Let's have fun till morning
How groovy little children!

Congratulations on an old holiday,
From me, take it soon!
Weekend really
Already completed!
But this is better
You do not be sad!
There are wonderful days ahead!
Let them come true,
Passionate dreams!
And the good will be added
Happiness and love!

Well we walked in the New Year!
Just a little ... I want to again!
What? Will one more come? Hoo th!
Well, then let's go for a walk again!
How cool - again we
At the table - around drinking, food!
How many holidays we have in the middle of winter!
Old New Year! Wow!

Happy New Year greetings

When the old New Year comes,
In a new way we will begin to breathe,
Forget the grief that our soul burns,
And remember that we can love.
Let's remember how beautiful it is to live
And smile sunshine,
Forgive and compliments to say,
And close on Saturdays to visit.

Favorite Old New Year
Already stands timidly at the gate,
Afraid to knock on the door
So as not to run into the owners,
And quietly, falling silent,
Gifts put under the tree.
Do not be afraid, Old New Year,
The people have been waiting for you for a long time.
Hurry up for a table on a holiday to us sit down
Warm welcome to the owners.
And be at home, because now,
From now on, the door is open for you!

Here are the jokes of the calendar!
But he says - we play:
For two weeks of January
We meet the New Year twice.
One is what is right now,
How the Orthodox world celebrates.
The other is what we had before
From the time of Peter to Nicholas.
Meeting Old New Year,
We are happy, and let it be invisible,
Let the time go well,
B did not pass just past!
So that we catch him by the tail,
Although it is invisible,
Could say good toast -
For the Old New Year specifically!
Let your lucky year!
Let your happiness come to your house!

Well, how did people come up!
Very boring in the winter and dark ...
Well, we will not grieve:
We open with you wine ...
Fill champagne glasses,
And for New Year we drink together ...
My girl, well, really
We are with you today together?
Let not together we were at the meeting
In the New Year two weeks ago ...
But today is ours, this evening!
And we look into each other's eyes.

Old New Year is coming:
He is for the most persistent!
It is for those who, be healthy,
Did not fall asleep under the Christmas tree.
Let's help Old New Year
And shove them together,
If someone decides,
What do we need to do?
We will catch the year by the tail.
Sit down and get sad.
Where is there, Grandfather Frost,
Is our New Year curling?

Beautiful wishes for the Old New Year

Number Thirteen has come
So the reason to wish
So that in life you always have a fortylo,
And do not fall face down on the salad.
Let the brandy always on the table
And in the garage was a cadillac.
Well, in the Versace cupboard, Gucci,
With such an appearance you are all cooler.
A hangover so as not to come
So that there was only fun in life,
Wife or husband always loved -
Please accept this congratulation!

How nice that New Year
Still old!
Again over the Christmas tree salute.
Delight - big and small.
Walk, frolic honest people
Celebrate at the screen
If you don't get up tomorrow
To work early.
Congratulations, congratulations !!!
In the New Year and in the Old Year.
As always, just wish
Let it all happen ...

And again in the joy of the people.
Hello, old New year!
Congratulations, dear,
Let all mother Russia
On a holiday with us
Amusing pancakes,
Christmas trees elegant,
Ritual songs.

Good old New Year,
Someone believes, someone is waiting
Who lives by hope
Someone is moving forward
Congratulations someone sends!
I'll tell you so friends
Life is beautiful, good!
You love everything as it is,
Will you - praise and honor!
You do not cry, do not suffer,
Joy, experience happiness!
And chase the negative
Only positive is needed!
I wish you well
Do not be sad ever!

New Year will suddenly be Old
Thirteen days.
The Christmas tree still does not fade,
The house is waiting for guests.
Only Russian people are capable
Meet the year twice
Although the second and uncomfortable -
All work is waiting.
Congratulations do not write,
Verbally they say
And they are not looking for gifts again,
Only for the guys ...
From the heart we want to congratulate
Dear guests!
Old New Year we celebrate
Have fun with you.

Funny greetings for the Old New Year

Here again is the New Year, but now it is old.
How do all the people already got it all!
Vodka in the mouth is no longer climbing, beer does not grind
And the traffic cop on the road from January lutuet.
No money, no health, ran out of candy.
Listen grandfather, come ka closer to the summer!
If there is no Christmas tree in the house - it doesn’t matter at all,
Dress up your husband's tree, he will drink less then!
Happy old new year!

Oh, this forever old New Year!
Last fun party!
Thoughtful philologist will not understand
What is the essence of such a phrase.
How can the Old - New Year be?
How can the New be called the Old?
Through time the holiday rushes at full speed
Crazy Russian joyful frenzy.
Walk - where a week, there are two.
And in the yard at the Christmas tree
January showered, young and inspired,
Sparkling diamond needles.
Again, eat tangerines and salad!
Champagne is tempting and caustic.
Both old and young dancing at the Christmas tree glad
And Santa Claus with a bag - again at the Christmas tree.
Divination, fireworks, ringing laughter -
Who is scared of January frosts?
Do not count us festive pleasures,
Do not describe either rhymes or prose.
Foreign philologist will not understand
But - we were born Russian not without reason:
We have fun celebrating the New Year!
Even more cheerful - forever New "Old"!

Here is the Old New Year
Pour on, honest people!
Congratulations and wish
No worries to know:
So that the glass is not empty,
That the wife always wanted
To gasoline full tank,
So that the enemy might fear you
To girls smiled
So that the money does not run out,
And any desire
Very quickly performed!

Happy New Year!
No, with the Old ...
Oh, completely confused.
Give me a guitar -
I will play without problems!
No, I don't need a guitar,
I miss the frets.
In general, here's a chocolate for you.
Give me the drum.
Or something like that…
Just congratulations to you!
In this Old New Year
We all have happiness many times
And good luck and patience
And a finance suitcase ...
Rest - away doubts!
(Everything, do not need a drum)

New Year's binge week
You lived with the people and the country.
In the pocket, only, the copper jingle is mean,
Some kind of unearthly taste in your mouth ...
Still, brothers, we will shake trokhs,
But for the torment of our reward awaits:
Fate sober and caress,
After all, OLD NEW YEAR.

Humor countLege on Old New Year

In the old new year colleague bag with congratulations,
Closed tails of old, money in addition!
Let in the pocket in the new year only comes,
For mistakes, if they will, let the chief not scold.
And now, from the hiding place, we’ll get a nestle,
Snacks, napkins, stacks, a pack of cigarettes.
Let this old year rather
Problems all that were with him takes.

This evening, the old year just looks for a moment,
Our kind, friendly team will come back to the team again.
Little by little we'll pour, we'll drink today,
We make ourselves everyone in the bright life of the band.
And one of our colleagues, dear beginner
Congratulations, hint and say - we are waiting for the editorial!
Let the old year run away, take away all the problems,
Let your mad career take off soon!

With the Old New Year you, dear colleague,
Problems at work let him bypass
The bonus will always be added
With your always considered all the will.
Always bosses respect you,
Business projects all pass with a bang,
Good luck and luck accompany you everywhere,
Peace to you, my friend, happiness and good!

We have twice a year New Year!
One is new, the other is old, so here it is!
We celebrate this holiday in a team
Good luck at work to each other, we wish!
Happy years, fun, long to work together,
For a career to go higher, do not sit still!
Our salary is higher and higher,
The overall creative project is always to get!

In this old New Year I hurry,
I congratulate you, my dear colleague!
May the New Year be a success
Only bright impressions will leave for you!
May your luck always be in a hurry,
In the work you wish deafening victories
Always be happy, dear, not otherwise
Healthy, interesting, long you live a hundred years!

Cool poems girlfriend for the Old New Year

Snowflakes are sparkling on you and me
Paint on the windows chic patterns of ice,
Old New Year with a girlfriend I meet,
On the street on a fabulous walk with her.
Girlfriend dear, let it ring your laugh!
Live as in a good fairy tale and be happier than everyone!
Good luck - the fairy will accompany you
Let the winter snow decorate with diamond snow!

Outside the window bad weather, snow, frost and blizzard,
Something we have bad weather today,
Then come with you, beloved friend,
At home we celebrate the Old New Year!
Come and let him go in peace, sweeping with snow,
Everything that was bad in your life!
On holiday this winter, I wish you
To be happy, loved to be loving!

What a friend, Happy New Year, Old I will say,
I am proud and very happy to be friends with you.
Let joy and grace fill the heart
Happiness, tenderness and love warms the soul!
Let's drink we are with you champagne with glasses,
Barriers to life you had very little.
She adores her husband, let her children always please
Tears and sorrows and troubles - never will be!

Come on, girlfriend, Happy New Year,
I think - it does not matter that he is old.
Is this small word hurt
Sit with you to us at the festive table?
I want to wish you, my dear, happiness,
Good luck, love strong, health wish,
To live sweetly up to a hundred years old, live troubles without knowing
And never forget our old friendship

Today, you and I can do everything again,
Laugh, have fun, drink, sing and dance!
Champagne sparkles again in our glasses
Old New Year we sat down to celebrate!
I want to wish you my friend
One hundred of the easiest, bright, happy life of years!
Happy holiday, my dear,
Remember: there is simply no better friend than you in the world!

Funny poems to a friend for the Old New Year

I congratulate a friend in the Old New Year,
I wish you live life comfortably, without hassle!
Interesting adventures, a sea of ​​vivid impressions,
Good health to you without any doubt!
With the team at work, I wish you to be friends,
In a wildly happy rhythm all his life to live!
Let passionate, passionate love cover you with your head,
Good luck to accompany you bright star!

Old New Year, I congratulate a friend,
On the problems of forgetting the past sincerely wish.
In the New Year, we will get along as always,
Let's give the old one more out of the threshold!
A sparkling glass of champagne now I raise,
For your health to the bottom of this holiday I drink,
Let the service be easy, interesting at work,
Every year our friendship is growing stronger!

My best friend came to visit me
Again, the holiday roars everywhere suddenly,
Merrily goes down the street and the people roar,
Today we celebrate the Old New Year.
And to my friend this day, I wish,
All that he wanted, came true at the same hour!
Pour, my friend, to us brandy in full,
For this bright holiday we drink now!

My old, best, loyal friend,
I want to congratulate you on this holiday,
From which it started so unexpectedly and quickly,
A strong and strong friendship with you is ours.
In the Old New Year, I wish you heartily,
Come true so that all desires are happy always
Love will cover you strongly and forever
Ahead of you waiting for only the bright years!

Our friendship with you never weakens,
Neither from thunderstorms, nor from the life of crazy changes,
I always trust you alone and in everything
I know you will give me my whole soul in return.
On the feast of this old new year,
From my heart, my friend, I wish you
Be healthy, strong, like you,
Always won, so that with the fate of the fight!

Congratulations in prose with the Old New Year - in your own words

What is glorious Russian man? Correctly! By the fact that he will never lose an extra reason for the celebration of the soul! And today, quite a serious reason - the New Year in the old style. I want to wish you on this holiday all sorts of benefits. Let the outgoing year take with it all the famously, woes, sorrows and difficulties. And this New Year, along the trodden path, will quietly enter our houses and bring with it a little bit of kindness and warmth. Let him sweep into your home all that comes to us on these wonderful holidays: happiness, fun, joyful laughter, attention of loved ones and relatives. Let him bring you excitement to life and good mood. Let you pour a large scoop of health and mental strength, energy. I wish you that the world around you was friendly to you, so that there was no place for sadness and sorrow in it, so that your income would grow every day, and financial stability would prevail.So that the frost of winter brought you vigor to achieve your main goals. Love you big and quiet human happiness.

Flew, in the festive fun two weeks after the New Year, and now, he is with us again, only in the old style. That's how lucky it is! We just recently finished all the sweets that were prepared for the New Year's Eve, and today we will begin to cut new salads. And again our house will be filled with guests, smiles, laughter, gifts, surprises, smells of delicious food and the clinking of crystal glasses. Some of us already hold on to the liver, with tears in our eyes, and greedily consume the morning mineral water. But here, the holiday evening is coming, and everything is complete! So let's raise our full glasses again and drink for great love, good luck, financial well-being, good health. For the fact that fate would be generous to us, so that the troubles are over. So that happiness comes to us and remains forever! Let's drink to be able to meet Old New Year in such friendly composition at least a hundred times more!

Today, on the eve of the Old New Year, I will ask all the Saints for happiness for you, a clear and cloudless sky that will shine over you. May she carefully protect you from all hardships and vicissitudes of fate, from troubles, insults and disappointments, from evil and envious people, from betrayals and injustice. Let them help you in all matters, in all your endeavors. Let them guide you to the healing sources of vitality, energy and inspiration. Let the old year come to us, though old, but still a new year. We will seat him with us at the generous table and greet. May you always be as light on your soul as today, as nourishing in life as on today's table. Let there always be so much money in your wallet to have enough not only for everyday requests, but also for fulfilling various desires. May it always be warm in your home and in your relations with close people.

Only the Russian people can afford such an unprecedented luxury - to celebrate the New Year not one, but two times! Why not? After all, a holiday is not just an occasion for a feast, it is an occasion to once again bring together family, friends, to give each other a piece of yourself, your warmth, your love and care. I wholeheartedly congratulate you on a holiday that has such a funny name - Old New Year.Let him bring wonderful weather with him, a lot of white fluffy snow. Let him seize for you a box with surprises in which both joy, health, financial well-being, and mutual love and many, many things that you need right now will end up. May all dreams come true this year, hopes come true, and no charm will lead to bitter disappointment. Happy holiday, be happy.

I congratulate you, my dear, with the holiday that the second time it breaks into our houses, carrying kilograms of joy and fun. I congratulate you on the Old New Year. I want to wish you good and great earthly happiness. So that there was a lot of personal achievements this year, and maybe even records over himself. I wish you every morning of this year to wake up in good spirits, in high spirits, so that you will be filled with vitality and energy. I wish there were no bills happy bright days. So that this year you meet new interesting people and strengthen your connection with people already close and dear to you. Let your work not only morally pleases you, but also monetary. Let all troubles go to see off the past year and not findroad back. I wish you accomplishments, significant pleasant events, so that success and joy will make your head spin.

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