Cold balcony? Warm!

As in our apartments, most often, used a balcony? In the best case, as a pantry, where unclaimed things are put. But this is an additional area, which may be quite superfluous, especially in a small apartment.

What needs to be done to turn the balcony from the storage of all rubbish into additional living space? For this you need to create a comfortable environment there.

In modern new buildings, balconies are usually glazed even during the construction phase. But even in this case, if you plan to turn the balcony into an additional room, you will most likely have to change the glazing to a better one.

The most effective option is glazing with the use of double glazed windows and metal-plastic frames. Of course, such glazing can not be called cheap, so for the installation of frames on a three-meter balcony will have to pay from $ 600. However, sufficiently developed competition in the plastic window production market can help to negotiate a discount or installment plan.

To insulate the balcony, it is better to choose two-chamber double-glazed windows, as single ones with freezing temperatures will freeze. It is equally important that all installation work was carried out qualitatively, that is, there were no gaps or gaps left anywhere that would break the tightness of the glazing.

To achieve a greater effect, you can use heat-saving windows, which have the ability to retain heat indoors. Although this measure can only be additional, but not the main.

After installing the glazing will need to warm the walls, floor and ceiling of the balcony. To do this, a frame is built from wooden bars, on which the insulation material is attached. As a heater, most often, use polystyrene foam, which is placed in the gaps between the bars of the frame. Then all cover foil with folofolom, having its shiny side out. Joints between sheets of insulation need to be sealed with aluminum tape.

Now the walls and ceiling of the balcony are sheathed with sheets of drywall or clapboard (wooden or plastic). The last option is somewhat simpler, since when using drywall you will have to carry out additional work (leveling, filling of seams, painting, etc.)

Sheets of plywood or OSB plates are laid on the floor, on top of which linoleum, tile or other covering can be laid. Performing work on the weatherization of the balcony, you need to remember to conduct electricity there for the organization of lighting and heating.

Options for heating the balcony there are several. Many consider it most advantageous to pass a heat-insulated balcony on a radiator connected to a general heating system. It must be said that such a transformation is prohibited and, in the event of this violation, the hosts will be brought to administrative responsibility and will write out an order to correct the violation.

The fact is that the total heating system of the house is designed for a certain area, which does not include the territory of the balcony. And although it would seem that joining some three to five meters should not affect the entire system, it is strictly forbidden to do so. After all, if every owner of an apartment located in a high-rise building wants to put a heating radiator on a balcony, the size of the heated area will increase by tens of square meters. Naturally, this will lead to failures in the heating system and the apartments will become colder.

Therefore, you should not interfere with all-house communication systems, and the heating of the balcony can be arranged using oil heaters, electric convectors or electric underfloor heating.

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