Cocktail "Cosmopolitan"

The cocktail component is simply irreplaceable for any party. These drinks will not only decorate your evening, but also create the right mood.

The diversity and versatility of cocktails make themrelevant to any event. There are also recipes that have passed the test of time and become a real classic. One of these drinks is Cosmopolitan cocktail. Its recipe will be considered in this article.

As often happens with successful inventions, which have gained wide popularity, the authorship of this cocktail is still controversial.

How the Cosmopolitan cocktail was created

Here are a few basic stories of his appearance:

  1. The version on which the cocktail is distributedinvented a female bartender of one of the Florida bars Cheryl Cook. Watching the customers, she noticed that many order Martini just to show off with an elegant glass in her hand. And she decided to make a more "effective" cocktail, which would be served in the martinette. In the "Cosmopolitan" from Cheryl mixed vodka Absolut Citron, liquor triple-sec, lime syrup and a little cranberry, which gives the drink a beautiful tint and an interesting taste. The modern version of the cocktail is somewhat different, but the meaning is the same.
  2. According to another version, the figure that participated in thethe creation of the drink is Tobi Checchini. Someone says that he modified the recipe of Cheryl Cook, someone - that he belongs to the undoubted authorship. In any case, according to Toby's recipe, vodka, orange Cointreau, cranberry and not lime syrup, and its juice are needed for the preparation of the drink. Many fans of club life find this option more refined.
  3. There is an opinion that the cocktail was invented back in the 70s, enjoyed immense popularity in gay clubs, and in fact the author remained unknown.
  4. Also according to some information, the cocktail was created and advertised for the promotion of Absolut Citron vodka, which has a specific lemon flavor.

Be that as it may, until a certain time"Cosmopolitan" lived his "quiet" life, until he became a favorite drink heroines from the series "Sex and the City." The role of the Madonna in promoting this gastronomic delight is also not unknown - being accidentally imprinted with a cocktail in her hand at the next Grammy award, she, without knowing it, condemned him to world popularity - every name for the photo mentioned his name.

Cocktail Recipe

Let's now look at the modern cocktail recipe Cosmopolitan:

You will need:

  • 40 ml of ordinary / citrus vodka.
  • 15 ml of orange liqueur Cointreau.
  • 25-30 ml of cranberry juice.
  • Lime juice to taste.
  • Lime slice for decoration.

The listed ingredients are poured into a shaker,add crushed ice. Close tightly and thoroughly mix. We pour the received drink into a martini, adorn it with a slice of lime and your cocktail "Cosmopolitan" is ready!

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