Claims are what?

Every person strives for something in his life. Someone dreams, someone sets goals and goals. This is a claim, simply in another terminology. So, the claim is the desire to get from life what a person considers possible and worthy of his personality. Here is where the most "interesting" begins: why do some people have an overestimated level of claims, others - understated? Why do some expect adequate, while others - unrealistic? And who can judge that they are like that?

Different levels

the claim is

So, the claim is an internal human rightto receive those or other life benefits. This can be both about career successes, travel, profitable marriage, and about progress in school, the institute or in the city circle. Regardless, different levels of claims are distinguished. The high level of claims, oddly enough, is typical for people with inadequate self-esteem, which affects the level of claims. It is still unclear, however, the quality of claims affects self-esteem or self-esteem - a claim, but the connection between these phenomena is unquestionable.

Self-appraisal and claims

Psychologists note that people with high orunderestimated self-esteem, paradoxically, may have a high level of claims, and low. When it comes to a high level, it means that a person is not able to adequately assess his own strengths and capabilities to achieve what he wants. If we are talking about a low level of claims, then, due to low self-esteem, and, consequently, unbelief in one's own strength, he certainly sets himself some minor goals and tasks.

Determination of the level of claims

high level of aspiration

Successful, active and motivated individualshave both a high and a low level of aspiration. They have real claims, which sooner or later come true. Unlike dreamers or those who see the world "in pink glasses", these people set themselves tasks, the fulfillment of which fully corresponds to their personal qualities. American psychologists have found out that they have a high level of motivation, which pushes them to achieve their claims.

Those who have unrealistic high claims to life, as a rule, often have a weak level of motivation, unable to realize their ambitions.

An example of inadequately inflated claims

determination of the level of claims

A fairly common example, when a girlfrom the province believes that he deserves the husband of the prince of England. At the same time, she does not even know his native language, has no education, no education, and worst of all - does not even strive for it. She's just sure she deserves it just like that. Here is an example where individual claims are a discrepancy between the real qualities of a person and their aspirations.

Is it possible to determine your level of aspiration?

This is done with the help of an experienced psychologist orspecial tests. Sometimes such an analysis is necessary, if it is not possible to achieve some goals in life, but it obviously does not add up. Perhaps, in this case, the level of claims does not coincide with the level of personal characteristics. Then you need to either reduce claims, or work on your own individual qualities of character. To change one's personality in order to conform to one's claims is a complex, long way, not suitable for everyone.

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