Choice of electric hoists

January 28, 2018

Choice of electric hoistsFor work with various types of cargoes at manufacturing enterprises special mechanisms are used that can function in any plane. Such a modern type of equipment as an electric hoist is considered the most convenient and easy to use. It is a mechanism made from high-strength steel. Depending on the type of attachment, it works in stationary or mobile mode.

Stationary electric hoist is most often used on construction sites. Mobile hoist is usually part of a complex lifting system. It is ideal for use in the shops of large industrial enterprises. Equipment with a rope mechanism is very popular. It helps to transport cargo and maintain its integrity.

Mechanisms that belong to the group of chain installations are distinguished by the maximum level of reliability. Therefore, they are often used to lift not only materials or equipment, but also people.The safe design of such equipment allows you to work with chemically aggressive or flammable products.

Choice of electric hoistsIn the online store there is always Each user here can always choose a model that meets the technical parameters of production and price possibilities. If desired, customers leave applications for the purchase of hoists with a reduced working height. They are very convenient to use in heavily loaded small-sized warehouses.

The clear advantage of chain hoists is the lack of working noise and excellent production capabilities. Motorized rope hoists have a lower cost. When choosing equipment, potential buyers should always pay attention to the manufacturer. Today, mechanisms made in Bulgaria and the Russian Federation are considered the most popular.

If in the course of work heavy enough loads are used, then it is better to buy a chain hoist. This setup demonstrates a high level of endurance and durability. An important criterion for the choice of electric hoist is considered the height of the lifting load.Manufacturers offer equipment that copes with a distance of 3 to 20 meters. Electric hoists successfully move loads with a fairly large weight in the horizontal and vertical plane.

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