Chastoosh for the New Year 2019

The New Year has already become so firmly established in Russian culture that it is impossible to imagine a winter without a Christmas tree, tangerines and champagne. Another part of our culture are chastooshkas. They are also traditional for Russians, and for any reason. Therefore, very quickly, two such weighty traditions united, and people began to sing chitushki on the New Year. Although among them there are some kinds. These may be chastooshkas for the New Year 2019 with a specific greeting in honor of the animal patron or contain jokes, romantic overtones or deep philosophical sayings.


MicrophoneMost of these ditties can be sung in any company. This is a restrained form of folk art, permissible for performance both at corporate parties in a reputable company, and from the stage in various institutions. Although in large quantities such ditties for the New Year are not suitable for friendly companies or other gatherings in a narrow circle. For such cases, it is better to choose more free forms of ditties, leaving 2-3 of the congratulatory ones.

Gilt sends us a bow,
Start your year.
It will be full of happiness
I wish you all that.

With dancing and singing,
Meet the year we have fun
We heartily congratulate everyone
Let you in the year of success.

Let the pursuit of luck
And finance is poured by the river.
Let no one around cry!
Happy New Year dear!

What makes the soul sing
Pig now good!
She promised us a new year,
Secured and cool!

Santa Claus Pigs leads,
Starting New Year,
Let luck come to the house
And turns like a round dance!

Do not rush to leave home
This glorious New Year,
Congratulations, the right words,
My mouth is full.

To us up to the generous table,
Pig in the New Year has come.
Wished for order,
Happiness, joy, prosperity.


ChastooshkasThis kind of ditties often runs along the brink of decency, so they are not always used among the masses. Not all of them can be sung at corporate parties, not to mention concerts. And it is precisely this category of ditties most demanded in a friendly company or in the family circle.

New Year, New Year -
Holiday Mood.
Someone with vodka drinks compote,
Well, I'm jam.

Happy New Year
I wanted to sing for you,
Well, who does not want to listen
He will get right in the eye.

Year of the Pig is knocking at the door
And around the people booby,
See off the evil beast,
Dog sent home.

In the new year came the hog
Clean, rouge and very brave,
And for the dog came an unexpected,
After all, now he is out of work.

Like at our party,
Pig appeared,
I ate all the tangerines,
Leaving nothing.

New Year was celebrated brightly
They danced from the heart.
Lost all the presents
Somewhere in a drunken wilderness.

Hail the people, hot
The pig year is coming!
Drunk and blind and sighted
Get in a round dance!

Christmas ditties,
Let's sing all night now
Sing me friends,
If there is no drinking and eating.

Drink up soon booze
So much more unlucky!
Piggy we need to meet,
Drunk grunt and squeal!

Congratulations, do not congratulate,
Just pour more!
Otherwise, we can not
Pig came to visit us!

Romantic, perky

FingersThis group of ditties for the New Year is combined with respect to the holiday and love relationships, or it is dedicated only to couples. In the first case, such folk art is relevant only at the winter holiday. If we are talking only about people in a ditty, then they can be performed at other friendly gatherings.

With cute pig we met
He got drunk like a Pig,
We said we kissed,
Only there was not me.

That year I wished
Happiness to find the car.
Now he appeared
And his name is Anton.

In the New Year, I wondered
Love full edges
Something I did not want
My husband is a complete Pig!

In the New Year told her husband
What do I want to feast with the mountain.
He soiled all the dishes,
In the morning I said: "Wash!".

New Year is a magical holiday,
As if created for two.
Although he is such a prankster,
The night passed for the women alone.

With a nice New Year loved,
Right before the first dawn!
In the morning we were very surprised
On the table, then a stack of THREE!

Christmas fun
Happiness brought a lot!
Basil took me to Paris
That's what it means to be lucky!

Philosophically sensible

Sad New YearSuch chastooshkas can be sung almost every New Year, and not only in 2019. In addition, they are not just a piece of the rhymed text sung, such chastooshkas affect some perennial problems, both domestic and ideological in nature.

Talk about the New Year
All of us are ready,
How to set the table for dinner
Immediately all not words.

Who is knocking at the gate
Bringing us the door
Patron comes to us,
Open soon.

In the New Year royally,
Forgive all enemies I am evil
So that all of them are just brutally
In pig straight luck.

Kohl around white is white,
12 months have passed,
New year under the door.

Oh, I'm tired girlfriends,
Sing funny chastushki.
So that we all break through in tears,
I read the prose.

Last year was a hard year for us
We are tired hard to live.
Well, let's see, what's new
Year can offer us.

Those who believe that singing ditties for the New Year 2019 is already unfashionable, let them know that folk traditions are always in trend. A stylish dinner with prim faces, for all its visual aesthetics, did not become commonplace during the New Year celebration. At the same time, a holiday with ditties, karaoke and joyful shouts at the launch of fireworks is the most common. Because he is cheerful and bright. Happy New Year to all with songs, dances and chastooshkas.

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