Cartoon Giants 2018

Cartoon Giants 2018


The cartoon “Giants” 2018 is being prepared for release - an old English fairy tale, re-arranged in a new way, well known both from books and numerous film versions, both in the cinema and in animation:

Name (Country) release date
Jack and Beanseed (USA) 1902 Movie, short, mute
Jack and Beanseed (USA) 1963 Cinema
Jack in Wonderland (Japan) 1973 Anime
Jack and the Beanseed: True Story (US) 2001 Cinema
Jack - The Conqueror of Giants (USA) 2013 Cinema

In addition to the full-length paintings, the motifs of the tale are present in season 12 of the series “Griffins”, in the plot of the cartoon “Puss in Boots” (2011) and the TV series “Once Upon a Time”.

Walt Disney studio, which had once used the motifs of a fairy tale once in 1947, took over the film, replacing the main characters with the unforgettable Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald. A new attempt to interpret the story was entrusted to the director Nathan Greno, who was famous for his work on the cartoon “Rapunzel: A Tangled Story”. The second director, Meg LeFov, shot The Puzzle.Cartoons both turned out good and with humor, so that the quality of the "Giants" can not worry. Moreover, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, whose melodies decorated the “Cold Heart” animation tape, will take care of the musical arrangement.

When released

Cartoon Giants 2018

A statement about the start of filming was made in 2015, the official release date was named a year later: the end of 2018 - November 21. Rumors and statements about the transfer of the premiere has not yet been, it remains to hope that this date is final and if it moves, then only forward.

Voice acting

Cartoon Giants 2018

If the composition of the film crew is known, in addition to the above, it is:

  • Dorothy McKim (producer);
  • John Lasseter (producer);
  • Mike Gabriel (artist);
  • Tim Mertens (editor)

then the actors involved in sounding the cartoon have not yet been selected, or their names are kept secret. What is surprising: before the premiere, all that remained was nothing by the standards of the film industry.


Cartoon Giants 2018.Release date, watch the trailer in Russian

The content is not specifically kept secret, moreover, the general idea about it can be folded on the basis of data from the original source. The only question is how the fairy tale will be adapted to the modern viewer and what changes in the plot will occur because of this.

According to rumors, a global remake of the tale is not expected. Medieval Spain was chosen as the site of action (although in the original everything happens in England), a small city. Its inhabitants had long ago made an alliance with transcendental giants: they protect people from various misfortunes and dashing people, receiving in return a decent tribute. Unfortunately, the townspeople who were poorly versed in jurisprudence, the contract was concluded orally and the giants eventually ceased to adhere to it. Giants began to organize robber raids into the possession of people, leading to defeat and ruin. And the payment for tranquility has become a banal buy-off from a horde of gangsters who have fallen apart, stopping further pogrom.

Simple boy Jack is in love with the local beauty Angelina, but the girl's father does not need a penniless son. Moreover, a worthy party appeared on the horizon: the rich and successful traveler Marco. Jack is left with the only way out: to commit heroism and save the city from the yoke of restless large neighbors.

Having procured magical beans, Jack grows a giant stalk and sneaks into the land of giants. He studies the enemy in search of his weaknesses in the hope of finding a means to destroy the predatory nest.In the same place, he meets a pet girl, a charming twenty-meter little Inma, 11 years old. A kindhearted boy decides that it is not good for a child to roam without parental care and leads the baby to his home. Along the way, get an impressive portion of adventure and experience.

Trailer in Russian

There is no official trailer yet and hints on the date of its release, too. The search for an announcing video on the network also does little, now you can watch online only a small and rather vague review in Russian:


Walt Disney is famous for its cartoons, they always come out colorful, kind and instructive. Although the story told in the tape is very old and literally erased to holes, the viewer can count on a sincere and colorful cartoon that you can enjoy watching with your whole family. Moreover, critics predict the success of the "Giants", even though little is known about the picture. Apparently, the good name of the film studio and the film crew that showed itself earlier allows the cartoon to be announced as the loudest animated film premiere of the 2018 premiere.

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