Cartoon Cold Heart 2 (2019)

Next 2019 will bring us the continuation of many wonderful cartoons.

Earlier, Disney announced the fourth part of Toy Story, and now it became known that the highest-grossing cartoon in cinema history, Cold Heart, will also return to cinema screens in 2019.

While Disney Studios keeps most of the details of the continuation with them, the network already has a lot of interesting information regarding the history of Elsa, beloved by the whole world.

Cold heart 2: what is known about the continuation

Date of the premiere of the cartoon is scheduled for November 29, 2019, and is now actively developing the storyline and writing songs. For the song "Let it go" the first part of the cartoon received an Oscar statuette, so the creators probably want to repeat their musical success.

At the beginning of 2017, it was known that the recordings of the cartoon characters would begin in April, but in the summer the creators stated that they were not yet ready to engage in voice acting.

The actress, who voiced Anna (Kristen Bell) said in an interview that such a delay has its reasons, because first you need to write down the continuation story in detail.Disney is always very serious about its projects, so it often postpones the appointed dates for revision.

The plot of "Cold Heart 2" is still kept secret, but it is known that it organically complements the first part. The creators even said that after watching the sequel, you begin to better understand the first part.

Recall that the plot of the first part told us that a curse had been sent to the town, and now a harsh winter reigns in it. In order to free the inhabitants of the city and lift the curse, brave Anna, along with Kristoff and the deer Sven, go to Anna Elza’s sister to remove the curse from the city, but there are a lot of obstacles on their way.

Film crew

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The director of the film will be Chris Buck (“Tarzan”, “Catch the Wave”) together with Jennifer Lee (“Zeropolis”, “Ralph”), who is also one of the scriptwriters of the film. They were already working together on the first part of Cold Heart, which brought them an Oscar for the best animated film.

Interestingly, Jennifer Lee became the first female director of the full-length cartoon from Disney. She is also the screenwriter for the future of The Breaking the Times, starring Reese Witherspoon and Chris Pratt.

The producer of the picture will be Peter del Vecho, who previously produced the first part and was involved in the creation of such cartoons as "The Princess and the Frog", "Treasure Planet" and "Chicken Little."

cartoon cold heart part 2

Composer of the cartoon (presumably) - Christoph Beck, who previously created music for the first part of “Cold Heart”, as well as for such famous films as “Bachelor Party in Vegas”, “Percy Jackson the Lightning Thief”, “Thrasse 60” and many others . For his composing work on the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he even got an Emmy.

Characters and actors who voice them

The main actress who voiced Elsa and Anna, will remain unchanged. So, Idina Menzel will be the voice of Elsa. This is one of the main characters of “Cold Heart”, which has magical abilities: it can control snow and ice.

A girl grows in fear of hurting someone with her supernormal abilities, because once she had already put her sister Anna at risk. Somehow she again loses control over her own forces and inadvertently sends a curse to her hometown, after which she disappears into the snowy mountains.

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Anna will still speak in Kristen Bell’s voice.Anna is a brave but sometimes frivolous girl. Her determination and inexhaustible optimism allowed Anna to immediately go to the snowy mountains to visit her sister Elsa. She is open to new acquaintances, because very soon their charming and funny snowman Olaf joins their friendly team and is voiced by Josh Gad.

Prince Hans, who is voiced by Santino Fontana, is a negative character in the cartoon that tricks Anna into betraying herself to seize the crown.

Kristoff - a hero who lives in the mountains, loves nature and earns a living by selling ice. He has a true friend - deer Sven. Kristoff helps Anna in her journey, and even subsequently falls in love with a young princess. He is voiced by Jonathan Groff.

Interesting facts about the "cold heart"

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The main character in the cartoon is not Anna and not even the charming Olaf, but snow! It was on him that the creators spent the most effort to make it look like snow in a variety of episodes: lindens on clothes and shoes, crumble, and generally interact physically with the characters.

From the start, Elsa was supposed to be an evil character,which sent a curse is not accidental, but then the creators decided not to ruin the relationship between the sisters in such a confrontation. Kristoff was sullen and laconic, but in the process of working on a character, the creators made him more lively and cheerful.

The mountainous landscapes were inspired by creators in Norway, where they even specifically went before creating cartoon graphics. After the release of the film, the tourist flow to Norway increased, probably many people wanted to visit the very atmosphere of a fabulous winter.

elsa cold heart 2019

Oscar-winning song "Let it go" was written in just one day.

Hans, Christoph, Anna, Sven - if you read these names, it will sound like Hans Christian Anderesen. The creators thus honored the creator of the "Snow Queen", because this story inspired them to create a cartoon.

Most of Olaf’s remarks are the improvisation of the actor who voiced him, Josh Gad. Some of his jokes during the scoring so much liked the film crew that they decided to add them to the cartoon. Thanks to this, Olaf has a very good sense of humor.

There are many guesses about what the second part of the “Cold Heart” will tellbut with confidence we can say that this will be a fabulous and incredibly warm (even in spite of the snow) story about Anna and her friends.

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