Bus LiAZ-5293: specifications, photo

The city bus LiAZ-5293 is a low-floortype of public transport with increased capacity. The machine is used in large cities, where there is an intense flow of passengers. LiAZ-5293 is produced since 2006 at the Likino plant. Technical indicators of the bus meet the relevant standards. Different models are equipped with several variations of domestic and imported power units.

liaz 5293

Used engines

The first 4 years of production the bus in questionequipped with a diesel engine Caterpillar on 6 cylinders. Its capacity is 350 horses, the volume is 7 liters. Fuel consumption in the mixed cycle is about 30 liters per hundred kilometers. Used automatic transmission, the speed to a maximum of 90 km / h. The power unit complies with the Euro 3 standard.

The next modification of the engine under the nameCummins 6ISBE had better design, turbocharging and improved environmental performance. The maximum speed remained at the same level, but the fuel consumption was reduced to 23 l / 100 km. Soon there was a variation of the motor on gas, with a force of 252 horses and a volume of 8.2 liters.

The last variation, which is set toLiAZ-5293, is a YaMZ engine with 240 horsepower. The rotational speed was 2,300 revolutions per minute, the working volume - 6,5 liters. The power unit corresponds to Euro 4, equipped with an automatic box, consumes about 27 liters of diesel fuel per 100 km.

bus liaz 5293

Salon equipment

The salon is ventilated in two ways: naturally through side windows and forced by fans on the ceiling. The heating system operates on the heat generated by the power unit. There is also a stand-alone liquid-type heater. Thanks to this design, the LiAZ-5293 bus warms evenly. The cooling system in turn provides comfortable conditions for passengers in the summer.

heated bus lyaz 5293 cooling system

The driver's place is fenced off from the salonnoise-isolating partition, which allows the chauffeur to concentrate better on management. To announce stops and other information in the cab is provided with a loudspeaker. This bus has a high safety factor, which allows not to spend a lot of resources for maintenance and repair. The estimated life of the body is 12 years, and internal systems can easily withstand hundreds of thousands of kilometers.

 driver's door lock liaz 5293

Main settings

Beautiful appearance and rich "stuffing" is LiAZ-5293. Technical characteristics and dimensions are shown in the table.

Wheel formula

4 * 2

Length / width / height (m)

11.4 / 2.5 / 3.06

Base (m)


Type and number of doors

Three pneumatically folding

Parking brake

Powered by batteries

Primary braking system

Two-circuit pneumatic unit with axial separation

Tank capacity for fuel (l)


Number of seats (total)


The transmission and power supply are shown in the following table.

Fuel injection




Front suspension

Dependent pneumatics on a pair of elastic elements with two telescopic shock absorbers

Suspension back

Dependent type on a pair of lower longitudinal and two upper diagonal levers. Equipped with pneumatics and four telescopic shock absorbers on hydraulics


The drive with the hydraulic booster (the handle of the "screw-ball-nut-rail-sector" system)


Automatic with 4 or 5 steps

Gas exhaust system

One silencer without neutralization unit

Air filter

Dry, two-stage version

lyaz 5293 specifications

Other characteristics

In the following table, there are additional parameters inherent in transport (LiAZ-5293).

Body painting

The main color is white, the lower edging is green

The device of doors

Electrically-controlled pneumatic elements in the number of 3 pieces


Single glasses placed in rubber profiles

Passenger Seats

Plastic with fabric insert, separate, anti-vandal

Driver's seat

Equipped with air suspension


Headlamps combined type, vertical rear light elements, "fog lights"

Heating system

A heating unit from the engine plus a stand-alone liquid heater

Rear view mirrors

3 pieces, mounted on heated brackets

Seat belts

The driver


The driver's compartment is separated by a partition, there is a window for paying the fare, a sun blind, emergency opening of doors,


There is a speakerphone, speakers


First aid kit, jack, spare, toolset


Despite certain advantages, incar LiAZ-5293 there are some flaws, passed from his predecessors. The realities of the operation show that the ASCP system is placed inefficiently and consumes some of the useful space. The standard dimensions of the body remained from the previous model, which did not contribute to a significant improvement in passenger comfort.

In addition, the driver's door lock (LiAZ-5293)often freezes after parking on the street. Not entirely satisfied with the work of the suspension, the system of which often does not respond adequately to the inclination of the bus towards the sidewalk to reduce the landing height. It leaves much to be desired for the quality of the assembly, as well as not fully thought out system of opening the doors.


It should be noted that LiAZ-5293, whose photopresented below, has become a kind of intermediate link in the development of truly efficient city buses. The first version of this modification was released in 2006 by the Likino Bus Plant. Starting a large batch of cars (100 pieces) ordered Nizhny Novgorod passenger avtotrans.

лиаз 5293 photo

The buses in question are being operatedeverywhere in major cities of Russia. In Moscow, they work in the 11 bus fleet, equipped with an environmentally friendly engine with a gas installation. Underestimated vehicle floor (height on the road - 3.4 cm) and wide doorways provide a quick landing of passengers' landing, which reduces the stay of the car on the route.


It can be concluded that LiAZ-5293 isa certain breakthrough in the structure and design of low-floor city buses. I am pleased with the renovation of the interior, the well-designed ventilation and heating system. The exterior is also quite decent, there are several color schemes. Fuel meets environmental standards.

However, a number ofquestions on the underfundings of the running gear, in particular the suspension, the door opening system and the thoughtful layout of the internal equipment. I want to believe that the developers will not stop at this, but will take constructive steps to improve the driving performance and comfort of passengers. At least, to this there are all the prerequisites, which show that the design achievements are aimed at the integrated improvement of city buses.

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