Bulk letters for the wedding

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Decorations in the form of volumetric letters traditionally accompany each wedding photo session. As a rule, couples order them from the masters, but you can make such an accessory with your own hands. The main ingredient is plaster, the rest you will definitely find.

volumetric letters

In general, volumetric letters and numbers can decorate not only wedding photos. They will perfectly fit into any romantic photography. In addition, these letters can be used at a children's party or any birthday party. In short, almost every celebration they find a place. And more volume letters of plaster can be an original element of the decor, especially in the nursery.

You can make volumetric letters with your own hands in any color. Finished products are excellent for painting (almost any paint fits well on plaster). With the size of the inscription or an important date, you can also play.

volumetric letters

Study this master class, and you will be able to make voluminous letters for ceremonial events not only in the circle of your family, but also to order.Why not? It seems to many that it is incredibly difficult, but now you are convinced that almost everyone can handle it.

What do we need?

  • gypsum
  • cardboard
  • gauze
  • Scotch
  • sandpaper

volumetric letters

How to make volumetric letters?

Draw on the cardboard contour of future numbers or letters. Suppose that their height will be 40 cm (this is just an example, choose the height and width to your taste).

Now we determine the thickness of the product. Let's say it will be 4 cm. This means that we need to cut the cardboard into long narrow strips of 4 * 44 cm (where 4 is the thickness of the letters, and 44 is the height of the letters + a small margin in the folds).

Tip: if you want to make letters or numbers with rounded edges, lightly, barely touching, cut with a knife small bends around the edges at the top and bottom of the strips, so that the cardboard is easier to manipulate

Now connect the letters as shown in the photos. Please note that you only need to glue them from the outside, and there should not be any glue on the inside.

We are covered with scotch tape on the inside of the craft. This is necessary to make it easier to later release the finished letters and numbers from the cardboard blank.

volumetric letters

We take gypsum and dilute it according to the package instructions.At the exit we get the material, which by its consistency will be a trip to sour cream.

Put the glued form on the cardboard, firmly press and gently pour a low layer of gypsum (about half of the form). Leave the mixture alone for a few minutes so that it grabs and thickens.

While the plaster is thickening, we cut out from the gauze long narrow strips, which after a time must be put on the plaster. A lot of them do not need: strips 3-4 per letter. We need it to make the product more durable.

Now pour the plaster to the very edges of the form. We leave everything alone for 5 hours, so that the plaster hardens completely.

We take out the letters from the forms. If they go bad, you can gently help them with a knife.

Now you need to sand the product with sandpaper and gently smooth the corners and all the uneven parts with a knife.

volumetric letters

Our volume letters are almost ready, you can slightly modify them. It is best to paint them with acrylic spray or any paint from a balloon. In principle, you can use ordinary paint. Only then will letters and numbers get your hands dirty. If the paint is from a balloon, this problem will disappear.

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