Built-in dishwashers Bosch (Bosch) 45 cm: a review of the best models

The less space occupied by kitchen appliances, the better. And she is simply obliged to meet the high requirements for quality, appearance, functionality.

All Bosch 45 cm built-in dishwashers are designed and manufactured to save space, time, health and strength of users. Consider the features of such devices, compare popular models and figure out how to choose your own.

The advantages of narrow dishwashers "Bosch"

Like other devices from the German company, narrow dishwashers are reliable and good build quality, so the manufacturer gives them a warranty of 2 years.

Chambers are made of durable, corrosion resistant, environmentally friendly stainless steel. The body material is impact-resistant plastic, and it is not afraid of mechanical damage.

The devices have a different design, it is easy to choose a model for a particular style of interior.But the devices are designed for embedding in countertops, kitchen cabinets and other pieces of furniture.

From the outside, only a hinged door is visible, which can be decorated with a furniture panel.

General characteristics of models:

  • The class of washing, drying, energy consumption is A. This means that the apparatuses do the dishes very well and consume only about 1 kW per hour of work.
  • Narrow models are cheaper than standard ones.
  • The technology of washing with very hot water allows you to remove from the dishes not only dirt, food and detergent, but also bacteria.
  • Water consumption is 3 times less than when washing dishes with your hands.

A compact device processes 9-10 sets of dishes in one cycle. 1 set includes 2 plates (shallow and deep), 2 plates, a salad bowl and 4 spoons or forks.

Installing Bosch Dishwasher
When installing, add to the dimensions of the machine 5 cm from the back wall - the technique requires the presence of ventilation air space

The width of narrow machines is not clearly 45 cm, but 44.8. The depth adheres to the range from 55 to 57 cm, the height is the same - 81.5 cm. The dimensions indicated in the passport are different from the real ones.

The manufacturer does this on purpose so that the appliances can fit in the kitchen.In terms of water consumption, there are two types of built-in Bosch dishwashers with a width of 45 cm: 9 and 10 liters.

The disadvantages of small devices

In the narrow Bosch 45 cm wide dishwasher built-in it is impossible to wash large-sized dishes: pans, pots, pans. Users are more likely to buy such models for cottages or country houses.

If you choose this option, look at the availability of a quick program - it’s convenient if you need to leave and don’t want the dirty dishes to meet you on your next visit.

Another disadvantage is that the panel is located at the end of the loading door; it is not visible if the machine is closed. But this turns into an advantage if there are small children at home. Hidden buttons do not cause the little man to experiment.

Accounting modes and functionality

The first parameter is the number of programs. It affects the price and features. Pre-soaking, rinsing, intensive washing will be useful for removing dried dirt.

If you often wash products made of thin glass, porcelain, ceramics, crystal, you need a machine with a delicate program.

Bosch Dishwasher Filter System
All Bosch machines are equipped with crushers and good filters, you can not remove food residues before putting the dishes in the chamber

Half load helps out, so as not to spend a lot of resources when not enough kits are collected.

Still all the dishwashers of this company are equipped with protective mechanisms against voltage surges, overloads. If this happens, the device shuts down, which extends its service life.

Top 8: the best models on the market

Consider the characteristics of machines "Bosch", which are now on sale. They are united by the manufacturer, the same width and built-in type of installation. What is the difference? Price and technical parameters.

Place number 1: super popular SPV40E00

The model stands at the top of the user rating at the optimal ratio of cost and functionality. Compact dimensions do not interfere with this dishwasher to process 9 sets of dishes in one cycle.

It is equipped with a delayed start counter, which makes it possible to program the work of the machine for a certain time. And about the end of the cycle reports a 5-fold beep.

This model consumes 13 liters per wash cycle, has protection against children, delayed start for 9 hours, consumes 0.88 kW per hour

The noise level of 52 dB is provided by a multi-stage sound insulation system.Due to the heat exchanger, there is no risk of damage to the dishes that require careful handling. In the configuration for this machine is a stand for glasses.

In this model, users like quality washed dishes, quiet operation, ease of operation, convenient shelves for kitchen utensils.

Location number 2: deep 2SPV25DX10R

This machine is reliable and economical, fully embedded in the headset, has a depth of 55 cm. It has 5 programs that are designed for different camera load and dirty dishes.

Equipped with control of water hardness, so salt is consumed only when needed. Water is supplied at 5 levels and evenly rinses the chamber with the dishes, which ensures the reference purity.

Additionally, the machine is equipped with a clean water sensor, regenerating electronics, the ability to change the height of the basket for dishes.

Condensation type of drying in the characteristics means a careful attitude of the equipment to the dishes. During the whole cycle of the selected program, sharp temperature drops are excluded, therefore even thin glass does not break.

The dishwasher is equipped with a door closer that ensures a tight fit of the door. There is a systemAquaStop- an innovative technology manufacturer, thanks to which the user can leave the device unattended, without fear of leakage.

In the machine there are a number of interesting features. So, for example, the modeVario speedmakes it possible to quickly wash the accumulated dishes. But it is applicable only for not too dirty objects.

Plus featuresIntensiveZone,Hygiene. The first allows you to wash too dirty dishes in the lower compartment, because here the water is supplied under great pressure.

The second provides maximum hygiene due to long hot processing. In this dishwasher, you can safely handle baby bottles.

Place number 3: elite 4SPV47E40

Holds 10 sets of dishes. Chip model in 4 programs, condensation drying, boxesVarioFlexPro,VarioDrawerPro. The programs have a standard sink at three different temperatures, plus a fast, economical and soaking mode for heavily soiled.

The height of the top box is easy to change along the guides. The camera is equipped with folding guides for plates.

Excellent washing is provided by three rocker arms, two of which are located in the zone of the upper duct. They guarantee the best water distribution in the chamber.

Separately it is worth staying at condensation drying.This method of drying is considered the most efficient in terms of speed, efficiency and quality at the moment.

The EcoSilence Drive is installed in the dishwasher, there is a load sensor and an Intensive Zone for heavily soiled dishes.

Additionally, the model has a metal plate for the tabletop, which protects it from steam. The rear legs of the machine are adjustable. The unit features a record low noise level of 48 dB.

Place number 4: ergonomic 6SPV63M50

This model is preferred by buyers who choose equipment for a long time. Other things being equal, it has many interesting features.

Thanks to the intensive washing zone, small pots and small dishes can be loaded into the chamber at the same time. It is not necessary to pre-process the pots, they are perfectly removed from the pollution.

The dishwasher is equipped with an audible warning of the end of work. You can turn it off or change the volume, which is convenient if you use the device at night.

This machine does not belong to the category of cheap models, but it is often shares. All functions in the device are balanced to the smallest detail, and management is simple.

Temperature regimes for model 5, and programs 6.There is a pre-rinse function and an economical wash. Start of work can be postponed for up to a day. During the cycle it consumes 8 liters of water.

There is a digital display with symbols on the presence of salt, rinse aid and a timer.

Of the additional functions, the manufacturer has provided a quick wash mode, protection from children, a beam on the floor, indicating that the device is working.

Place number 5: simple 4SPV40E30

In this miniature machine fits only 9 sets of dishes, which are washed in 4 programs: normal and economical. This is quite enough for high-quality removal of dirt from dishes.

It has a fairly high noise level of 48 dB, but users do not complain about the volume. The dishwasher does not close during washing, it can be opened at any time.

At the lowest cost, it has everything you need for a small family: half load, self-cleaning filter, leakage protection.

If you read the reviews, you can see complaints about the absence of a lock on the door and the need to hold it with your hand during loading. This disadvantage is easily eliminated by the facade of the kitchen.

The unit is equipped with technologyActiveWater, which allows you to save up to 15 thousand liters of water per year. The direction and pressure of the water jets are adjusted with high accuracy, so the result of washing with all the simplicity of the design and minor drawbacks is very good.

Rank 6: First Double 2SPV40E10

In numbers, this device is a bit like the first one in the ranking. But they are different in functionality. Included with this machine comes an additional basket for cutlery, which can be placed on top or bottom of the camera.

Interesting options:

  1. The Rackmatic system allows you to adjust the height of the boxes, changing the capacity of the compartments.
  2. Mechanical and electric door lock protects the machine from children's curiosity and ensures the correct functioning of the program.
  3. The load sensor detects the amount of dirty dishes placed and selects the optimum amount of water so that it becomes clean.

Holders for plates in this model are folded, so large boxes easily fit in the boxes.

The longest program in this “Eco” dishwasher takes 170 minutes, the shortest “Delicate” is 70, and the average “Intensive” is completed in 70 minutes.

If you compare with other similar units, it is worth noting that the model is quite loud - the noise level is 52 dB.

The amount of loading machines - 9 sets. Double rocker ensures a good washing result.

Place number 7: the most careful 2SPV25DX20R

This model from the second series of dishwashers is equipped with a functionHygiene Plus. It involves washing dishes at a temperature of 70 degrees, which guarantees the effect of almost boiling and removing most microorganisms.

This standard applies to washing and disinfecting devices in Europe.

This model consumes minimal water - only 8.5 liters, the range of temperatures used by the machine is 45-70 degrees, there is a half load.

9 sets of dishes, programs for the user 5, temperature conditions 4 are placed in the chamber. There is an intensive, fast, economical and night washing.

Of the additional options, you can select an electronic lock that protects the device from accidental opening.

The delayed start can be used for 3, 6 or 9 hours. The control panel is electronic and black.

Another interesting item is the 3 in 1 function for detergents.Its presence means the admissibility of the use of modern means of combining salt, detergent and rinse. The unit independently adjusts the program for it.

Place number 8: fast 6SPV43M00

Thanks to technologyVario speedThis dishwasher makes dirty dishes dry and clean two times faster than a regular typewriter. There is a rayInfoLightsignaling the end of the program.

At half load, you can place the dishes on top and bottom, and the electricity consumption will be reduced by 15%, water - by a quarter.

In this machine there is a special button, when you click on it, the time of standard washing is halved, but the quality remains at level A.

Getting started can be delayed for a period of 1 to 24 hours. It is convenient to start the machine when the owners are at work, or at night when the tariff for consumed electricity is reduced.

The capacity of the chamber is 9 sets, the unit consumes about a liter of water for each of them. The noise level is minimal - 48 dB.

An interesting addition to the design -Dosageassist. This is a special compartment through which the loaded detergent is effectively dissolved and used.

All actions of the machine controls a powerful processor, equipped with sensitive sensors -Aquasensorand boot sensor.

Recommendations for self-installation

First you need to choose the right place where a dishwasher will “live” in the next few years. Ideally, if you can build it next to the pipeline and sewage.

Otherwise, you will need to purchase branded components, otherwise the warranty from the manufacturer will burn.

Bosch Dishwasher Installation
Take into account when installing the power of the unit, it is recommended to equip the place of placement with a socket with good grounding and automatic 16 A

To install a decorative panel, you should use a marking template from Bosch. It will help to correctly calculate the holes in the door.

And in order to expose the horizontal position of the technology, almost all the models under discussion are equipped with adjustable legs.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Tips for installing the Bosch embedded machine in an Ikea cabinet will be useful to those who decide to buy a reliable German dishwasher:

If you collect all the information together, we can conclude thatBosch narrow dishwashers differ slightlyapartthe number of programs, the volume of water spent, additional functions.In the line there are low-end models and premium class, customers only have to choose the appropriate set of options.

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