Borisoglebsky Monastery in Dmitrov: history and description

Acting today Borisoglebsk maleMonastery in Dmitrov - the main attraction of this suburban city. The fortress is considered one of the most ancient monasteries in the suburbs. The monastery is completely restored and fascinates with its provinciality, inaccessibility and ringing silence.

the monastery of Boris and Gleb

Build date lost

The exact date of the foundation of the monastery is still notinstalled. However, there are many conjectures and opinions on this matter. So, according to some legends, in 1154 the prince Yury Dolgoruky himself laid the Borisoglebsky monastery. Dmitrov was founded at the same time. However, it is unlikely that this is so.

Most likely, the monastery was built not earlier than the end15 century. Preserved written sources, in which for the first time the Borisoglebsky monastery is mentioned. An example of this can serve as a testament, drafted by Prince Yuri Vasilyevich in 1472, which refers to the monastery of the monks in Dmitrov. In 1841, the monks discovered an ancient cross under the side-chapel of Boris and Gleb Cathedral, located on the territory of the monastery. On the cross, a number was knocked out, when it was installed - 1462 year.

There are also versions that the foundation of the monastery was laid in the 1380s. But again this is only the version. But the exact date of the founding of the monastery, unfortunately, can not be determined.

The fate of the monastery

As mentioned earlier, the Borisoglebsky Monasterydocumented since 1472. It was a small suburban monastery, which was first supported from the treasury of local princes, and then by the Moscow sovereigns.

After the monastery was partially closed in 1610destroyed by the troops of Hetman Sapieha, it took considerable funds to restore it. The Novgorod Metropolitan Nikon, who soon became patriarch, personally undertook the reconstruction of the fortress, and in 1652 made it his Moscow residence. However, soon the patriarch cooled to this place and moved his residence to another fortress.

the Boris and Gleb man's monastery

For a long time hisThe existence of the Borisoglebsky monastery operated as part of other monasteries, then independently. So, from 1652 to 1664 he was part of the Novgorod Bishop's House. Then he acted independently for almost twenty years. In 1682, the Moscow Zaikonospassky monastery received power over him. And since 1725 Dmitrov monastery of monks again became independent.

The monastery was rebuilt and rebuilt more than once. The first known annex was the cathedral, erected in 1537 in honor of the great Russian princes Gleb and Boris. Almost twenty years later, a chapel dedicated to Alexis, the man of God, was added to the cathedral.

In 1672 a strong fire broke out in the fortress. Since the building was made of wood, it almost completely burned out. After the fire, the monastery began to rebuild anew, but already in stone. The construction of the walls and towers was completed only after 17 years.

After the October Revolution, the monastery becamewomen's, on its territory, a working artel was opened. For some time there was located the Museum of the Dmitrovsky Krai. However, in connection with the repression, which affected many employees of the institution, the museum had to be closed.

During the Great Patriotic War, the walls of the monastery served as a defense for the city. And in the fortress were a military garrison and a hospital.

In the postwar period the monastery fell into decay. The building was used for warehouses and living rooms. And only in 1993 the man's monastery again began to operate.

Architectural ensemble

Boris and Gleb monastery of Dmitrov The main attraction of the monastery isthe Cathedral of Gleb and Boris. It is a beautiful brick temple with a gilded dome, crowned with a cross. The date of construction is indicated on one of the plates built into the walls of the building. This is the year 1537.

Originally the cathedral was built of wood, howeverafter the fire in 1672 he was laid out again - already made of brick and stone. In the middle of the 15th century, a western porch and a three-tiered tent bell tower with combat clocks were added to it. For the time of its existence, the church was repeatedly remade and restored.

To this day, there are no beautiful paintings,made on the walls of the cathedral in 1824-1901. Today the walls in the temple are white. But you can see the long and narrow, like cracks, windows, as well as the white stone cellar, made in the 15th century.

In addition to the Cathedral of Saints Boris and Gleb,The monastery also includes the corpses of the abbots and the Spiritual Board, the fraternal cells, the Holy Gates and the huge brick Monastery Fence with four corner towers, which today is devoid of defensive purpose.

Visit Borisoglebsky Monastery

Dmitrov is very close to Moscow. You can get either by train: from Savelovsky station to Dmitrov station in just one and a half hours; or on your own car, which is even faster: on the Dmitrov highway right up to the city.

The address of the monastery: Dmitrov city, Minina street, 4.

Despite the fact that the monastery in Dmitrov is male,women can also go to its territory, stroll along the massive white walls and head to the altar in the cathedral of Boris and Gleb. Just do not forget the headscarf.

Monasteries of saints Boris and Gleb

Boris and Gleb monastery By the way, monasteries with a similar nameexist in other cities of Russia, and not only. So, for example, except Dmitrov, have their Borisoglebsky monastery Torzhok and the village Borisogleb (Vladimir region). In the village of Anosino (Moscow region) there is a functioning nunnery of Boris and Gleb. Orthodox St. Boriso-Gleb Women's Monastery operates in the village of Vodyanoye, located in the Kharkiv region in Ukraine.

Not preserved until our days BorisoglebskyPesotsky Monastery and Smolensky, built on the site where St. Gleb was murdered. In the city of Polotsk (Belarus) there is a memorial stone dedicated to the once existing Borisoglebsky Belchitsky monastery.

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Borisoglebsky Monastery in Dmitrov: history and description Borisoglebsky Monastery in Dmitrov: history and description Borisoglebsky Monastery in Dmitrov: history and description Borisoglebsky Monastery in Dmitrov: history and description Borisoglebsky Monastery in Dmitrov: history and description Borisoglebsky Monastery in Dmitrov: history and description Borisoglebsky Monastery in Dmitrov: history and description Borisoglebsky Monastery in Dmitrov: history and description Borisoglebsky Monastery in Dmitrov: history and description Borisoglebsky Monastery in Dmitrov: history and description