"Battle for the Throne": secrets and useful information

Browser online strategy "Battle for the Throne"quickly gained popularity among the players. Now there are many communities and sites dedicated to the game, including its own "wikipedia", which sooner or later appears in all successful projects. They collected useful information on the game "Battle for the Throne" - secrets, all sorts of advice and much more. In this text the most interesting is from there.

battle for the throne of secrets

About the game

Developers tried to make the gameimagine yourself as much as possible "chips" that would appeal to a wide audience: lovers of another sensational browser game "Farm Frenzy" will find themselves in the development of the city, while fans of the genre Tower Defense will undoubtedly appreciate the military component of "Battle for the Throne", that is, defense their possessions and plunder of foreign cities. In addition, the action of the game takes place in a fantasy world, so familiar and familiar to the players. A significant part of the success belongs to the chosen platform - social networks. There are millions of potential players who do not even need to register anywhere for the sake of the game. It is also available for mobile devices.

Features of the game

Since the article will mainly describesecrets of the game "Battle for the Throne", then there is no sense to make a detailed review - the players who are interested in the councils already understand what it is.

The plot in the game as such is not, however,online strategies do not really need them. As for the game process, it is very different from other real-time strategies: there are no enemy cities on the map on which the player starts. Invade other people's possessions either through a map of the world, or through the Arena, where your army will be transferred to the city of another player. Another interesting feature is that armies can not participate in the defense of the city, only attack others, and after the attack, whether it passes successfully or not, all your soldiers will disappear. This does not apply to heroes, they are essentially immortal. During an attack, you can not control your army: it acts independently. Defenses for the defense of the castle: walls and towers. Towers also shoot themselves, they do not need to be controlled.

Hiring soldiers and building structures requires resources, everything is familiar here. Resources bring mines and looting to other cities. Back in the game, there is magic and a quest quest system.

secrets of the game battle for the throne

Secret 1: blind zones and mass disembarkation of troops

It's time to consider the most interesting topic of the game "Battle for the Throne" - secrets, cheats and other useful information for players.

Planting troops on the territory of the enemy,try to use blind areas inside the city. It happens that the player did not notice them during the construction, and you should take advantage of this. Carefully study the terrain before landing.

For mass disembarkation of troops it is necessary to hold down the Shift key and the left mouse button - move the cursor along the landing zone until the necessary number of troops appears on the territory.

And, of course, do not allow blind areas in your own city.

Secret 2: quick resources

It is not necessary to collect a huge army for successful robbery. There will be enough and a handful of elves, the main thing - to find a suitable goal.

A well-developed city, in which the mines and buildings of the treasury - that is, they are placed along the walls, will be a suitable target. Elves will be able to shoot them immediately after disembarkation.

The whole castle is unlikely to destroy, but it's not necessary: ​​if everything is done correctly, you will get a good profit. This number can be repeated many times until you get the right amount of resources.

battle for the throne of the secrets codes

Secret 3: morale

The next secret can completely change your approach to the game "Battle for the Throne". Secrets - that's the secret.

Many do not know this, but Arena picks up a friendfriend of opponents, not based on level or development, but on the value of the morale of the players. So, if you are robbed too often, then, perhaps, it is worth fighting your morale down (so to speak, merge), so that you can choose enemies weaker.

To do this, you just need to take the castle building out of the city.

The Secret 4: pumping the hero

The hero gets experience for the damage he doesenemy buildings. To make it easier, attacking the enemy, use a bunch of Ent and Ghosts. Ents will take damage, ghosts will take protective towers, and the hero will take on the usual buildings.

The most important thing is not to disembark the hero first, otherwise you will put him under the impact of the towers.

Various tips on the game

  1. Periodically, your city will be visited by "Stalls of merchants", in which you can find unique products. Do not miss them.
  2. Focus on the extraction of food, not gold. Food is needed for the production of the army, whereas the army is needed for raids on foreign cities. Robbery is the best tactic for extracting resources. Through them you will get enough gold.
  3. Again, regarding robbery - during an attack on the enemy you can take prisoners, who are exchanged for resources.
  4. Quests - by no means bypass them. Otherwise, you will not get any experience.
  5. Do not spare resources on the walls. Attacks - this is undoubtedly good, but you should not forget about protecting your possessions.

battle for the throne secrets cheats

Cheats in the game

Now you know some tricks of the game "Battlefor the Throne ", secrets. Cheats (cheats) are already from another opera. This, which is a sin to hide - an ordinary scam, and teach such a bad thing. However, if you really want to go around the rules, then try donat. So for real money you will receive certain bonuses that will certainly help in the game. But just do not rely on them too much: the balance in the "Battle for the Throne" is thought out very well, and you still will not have such a strong advantage over other players who have not invested in the game.

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