Barley coffee: good and bad

Many people are not allowed to usestrong coffee. When switching to a healthy diet, you should use its substitutes. The leader in terms of utility is barley coffee. The use and harm of the drink, the rules for its preparation are presented in the article.

What it is?

Barley in the form of food culture to mankindknown for more than 4 thousand years. Cereals are popular due to their composition. They contain almost 15% protein and fiber, which is necessary for excellent nutrition. Beta-glucans perform body cleansing from toxins and reduce the amount of sugar. Because of the content of vitamins and trace elements, barley is a pantry of nature.

barley coffee

It is no accident in the food of the Roman gladiators includeddishes from this grain. Russian bogatyrs also used barley in large quantities. It served for cooking porridge, baking bread, getting drinks. The latter is prepared from toasted and ground grains. In Europe, a long coffee drink began to be replaced by barley. This was due to the high price of coffee beans. In addition, there were constant interruptions in the delivery. Scientists believe that such a drink not only allows you to save money, but also to improve your health.

Beneficial features

Is barley coffee useful? In the 1930s, biologists learned that the drink has a strengthening effect. It is used by people who have experienced intense stress and stress. Barley coffee was used to restore nutrition, it is recommended in the complex therapy of many ailments.

The drink has a beneficial effect on the workstomach. The cereal heals an ulcer, a gastritis, a dysbacteriosis. Barley is necessary for activating, purifying and toning the gastrointestinal tract. With them, the intestinal microflora is restored. The beta-glucans that are in barley are considered to be an excellent medium for the development of beneficial bacterial compounds. Without them, the digestive system will not function properly.

barley coffee is good and bad

Barley coffee serves as the prevention of diabetes. It allows you to lose weight. Due to the high fiber content, the absorption of carbohydrates is slowed, so the blood glucose level is normal. The drink improves the work of the heart and blood vessels, since there is a lot of magnesium and potassium in the cereal. And the vitamins E and D contained in it are needed to restore pressure.

Barley coffee serves as a means of preventing andtreatment of inflammation. Thanks to the bactericidal action of the grains, the beverage has anti-inflammatory properties. It is used in the treatment of colds and respiratory tract infections. The drink has fortifying properties - proteins and carbohydrates perfectly restore strength. It's not for nothing that barley broth is used to strengthen forces after stress, surgery and trauma.

This coffee is a beauty drink. It contains a lot of lysine and silicon, necessary for the production of collagen. The drink makes the skin supple and youthful, and also improves the growth and density of the hair. To restore the nervous system, you should use barley coffee. It does not have an exciting and stimulating effect on brain activity, therefore it is considered safe.

If coffee beans have caffeine, which inlarge amounts can worsen many processes in the body, then in a drink of barley it is not. This allows you to use it regularly. Barley coffee is preferred by representatives of a healthy diet. Even with the addition of other ingredients, the use of the drink does not deteriorate.


Negative consequences of the use of barleycoffee is not installed. Just consider the number of calories. In a cup of the drink contains about 20-25 kcal, 4-5 g carbohydrates, 1 g protein. These indicators should especially be taken into account by those who monitor weight. Contraindications for the use of the drink is not revealed.

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Cooking Rules

How to cook barley coffee at home? This will require whole dry grains of barley. They must be selective. The preparation is carried out on the basis of the following steps:

  • Grain should be fried in a pan without oil.
  • Then they are smeared on a hand mill.
  • The finished brown powder should be covered in a Turk (for 150 ml of water 1 tbsp of product).
  • The coffee boils for 2 minutes, and the same amount is required for infusion, best under the lid.
  • The drink can be poured.

Many people like barley coffee. Reviews indicate that it is better to use it with chicory - 0.5 tsp. per serving. This will make the drink more fragrant. It can be added milk, which is poured into coffee during cooking, replacing water. In this case, the taste of the coffee becomes softer.

how to cook barley coffee at home

Ready-mixed coffee is also mixed with cream, honey andsugar. The drink has a pleasant aroma, a delicate taste. In addition, it has many valuable properties that are needed for a healthy lifestyle, so you can use it regularly.


In our country barley coffee is produced by the following producers:

  • The company "Russian Product" produces products under the brand name "Old Mill". This barley drink contains rye.
  • In the shops you can find products of the brand "Barley ear". It is produced by the coffee company "Around the World".
  • "Barley ear" produces a stamp "Stoletov".

In soluble coffee beverages, there may bechicory, ground acorns and other natural substances. The price of packing in 100 g is in the range of 45-55 rubles. The product of local manufacturers can cost 30-35 rubles. You can find coffee from barley in almost every store, and especially in large supermarkets.


This drink tastes like cappuccino,especially if it contains hot milk. With brewing a thick and high foam appears, bread aroma. If there is also chicory, then the coffee smell is enhanced. When the product contains only barley, it will not exude the aroma of coffee beans.

Is barley coffee useful?

Barley coffee is great for pregnant womenwomen, children, as well as for those who are contraindicated in caffeine. It will improve your health without causing harm to your health. You can use any recipe, including adding additional components. Each of them has a great taste and a lot of good. You can drink regularly.

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