Autumn work at the cottage in October.

Autumn work in the garden in October is very important. This is not only summarizing the season, but also preparing the garden for the winter. All autumn work at the cottage in October is a guarantee of successful wintering of trees, bushes, flowers. Do not postpone in the spring what you can do in the fall - and the garden will thank you for the work done sincerely, and with a calm soul you can let it go to rest until next spring.

What to do in October at the cottage

Plant residues are removed from the dacha after growing vegetables. They clean out plant residues and store stakes and supports for storage. At the beginning of the month, they begin to prepare beds for winter crops: onions, garlic, and carrots. Choose a place higher, so that during the prolonged autumn rains and spring floods the water does not stagnate. If you have acidic soil, the beds in the garden need to lime.

Tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, cabbage or green crops will be good precursors for onions and garlic. The bad ones are onions, garlic, wild garlic, potatoes.They also prepare ridges for the wintering of other vegetable crops, which will be sown in early November. If in October you don’t prepare the beds for sowing vegetables for the winter, then in November it will be difficult because of the snow cover and frozen soil.

Fir trees are prepared for sheltering the ridges with plants and flowers. Roses definitely need to cover for the winter. It can be difficult to get laparnik, then use cut perennial shoots.

Before the onset of frosts, they clean, twist and remove watering hoses, take out the forms of small decorative ponds, and drain water from the barrels.

What to plant in October in the garden

In mid-October, begin to harvest plants for growing greens at home. Root celery and parsley are digged and transplanted into box boxes, as well as a very healthy peeled celery. They also dig out small coats of herbs and medicinal plants - oregano, peppermint, catnip, lemon balm. They are taken out of the earth with a small lump of earth and planted in pots on the windowsill. Fresh leaves of these plants will provide vitamin and aromatic tea drinking in winter.

Until the last decade, carrots, onions, shallots, winter garlic, are planted under winter.

Soaking in advance onions - sevok not necessary, because the moisture in the soil will be enough. Garlic is planted with cloves of the same size. Planting on such dates will allow the onions and garlic to take root well before the onset of frost, but the bulbs will not germinate.

Immediately before planting, rotted manure or compost is scattered over the surface of the bed, mineral fertilizer is added and shovels are dug into the bayonet. Onions are planted - sevka tightly, at a distance of 3 - 4 cm from each other, and at a depth of 2 - 3 cm. It is better to plant onions tightly before winter, so that there is something to thin out in spring. Another plus of spring thinning is early vitamin greens.

A place for planting onions - shallots is chosen so that a lot of snow lingers. His landings need snow protection in the winter. Sprinkle 2 cm with a layer of peat, humus or compost on top of the planting. Before the onset of the snow period, additionally cover the bed with spruce leaves or dry leaves.

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