Aquapark in Khabarovsk World Class: address, prices

The water park in Khabarovsk is the place where you canhave fun with your family. In today's world, few people will be surprised by such entertainment. But the establishment of the World Class can impress your imagination with interesting design, fascinating attractions and a variety of entertainment. If you and your family decide to spend time in this place, the result of this campaign will be a sea of ​​positive emotions and exceptionally good impressions.

General description of the World Class water park

water park in Khabarovsk In order to understand all the advantages of thisyou need to understand that this is not just an entertainment complex. This recreation facility, which includes, in addition to the pool, a huge number of opportunities. The water park in Khabarovsk is considered by right the best water complex of improving nature in the Far East. What can the visitor of this place or the regular customer get? The list of offers is considerable:

  • fitness;
  • spa services;
  • classes in physiotherapy exercises;
  • services of dieticians;
  • interesting games and activities for children;
  • possibility to celebrate a holiday;
  • Visit sauna, gym, bath.

As you can see, you can not just visit the water parkand spend time with your family, you can significantly improve your health. Particular attention should be paid to how management takes care of the safety of its customers. First, skilled workers with the necessary knowledge to provide first aid are working in the territory. Secondly, the instructors carefully monitor the observance of all security measures by visitors. Third, take the quality of the water itself. Filters of the latest models constantly pump water and filter out all harmful elements that may be in the water.

Adult Entertainment

world class As already mentioned, the water park in Khabarovsk isa whole complex, designed for health and fun pastime. If we talk about adults, then there is no shortage of different types of recreation. In the territory there is a swimming pool, which has many different zones. The water temperature - 29 degrees - is designed to make people as comfortable as possible to swim here even in the winter. For those to whom this temperature seems small, there is another zone with warmer water, 32 degrees. And additionally there is the possibility of underwater massage. In addition to water activities, you can visit the sauna or have a session of therapeutic massage. After all, this institution is not just an entertainment complex, but a center with a recreational focus.

Children's zone

water park Khabarovsk prices Particularly attractive is that the water park inKhabarovsk is designed not only for adults, but also for children. For them, there are many attractions, slides. There is a separate pool, which has a depth of 45 centimeters. Parents do not need to worry that their child can drown, as happens in simple pools. Specially constructed water fountains gather around themselves a lot of children. In addition, children are also provided with entertainment in the form of sections, quest rooms, there are specially trained water sports coaches. So a regular client of the club can be not only dad or mom, but also a child. While adults are in the sauna, their children can have fun in company with animators. Another attractive moment is the opportunity to celebrate, for example, a birthday. Experienced nutritionists will be able to pick up delicious and healthy dishes for your children, and a professional chef will prepare unforgettable delicacies.

Price policy

water park in Khabarovsk world class address Particularly attractive is the pricing policy,which was established by the water park (Khabarovsk). Prices are calculated for the average citizen, and this allows almost every resident to become not only a one-time, but also a regular customer. The annual subscription costs about 25 thousand rubles. If you count, you get less than 70 rubles a day. By commensurating this cost with the opportunity to improve your health and have a great time, you understand that such a price is quite consistent with the service. The center works from seven in the morning until eleven in the evening, which is very convenient for people with any work schedule.

Also, the club practices constant promotions and discounts. By the holiday you can buy a club annual card much cheaper than on normal days. This is used by very many townspeople. The price can also vary depending on when you are going to visit the water park: in the afternoon or in the evening.

Guest Reviews

After studying the feedback of those who visit thisplace, you can only make a positive conclusion. All customers zealously praise the water park in Khabarovsk World class. Club's address can easily be found: one branch is located on East Highway, Building 41, and the second is located on the street Turgenev, house 46. Any resident of the city will tell you how to get to a particular institution, because many of them probably do visit these complexes.

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