Anticafe Checkpoint - a zone for free recreation

Anticafe is a new kind of institution in whicheach visitor can spend time the way he wants: having fun, spending time with the company, organizing a master class, training or giving a lecture. The choice is yours, the institution simply provides you with a space for which the guest pays for hours. The cost of renting a room includes also the costs of the institution for food, drinks and entertainment, which are provided to holidaymakers.

Establishments of this type exist in Moscow. For example, Checkpoint (Checkpoint). This network: one of them is located on Myasnitskaya Street, and the second - on Lubyansk Passage.anti-penalty on a butcher's checkpoint

Anticafe Checkpoint (Clean Ponds). general information

This establishment is literally three minutes walk from the metro stations "Chistye Prudy", "Turgenevskaya" and "Sretensky Boulevard", at the address: 17 Myasnitskaya Street, building 2.

The territory of the institution takes just over 500square meters, on which there are 16 rooms with completely different interior and purpose. It operates anti-penalty Checkpoint on Clean Ponds daily and around the clock.checkpoint clean ponds

Checkpoint (Clean Ponds). Interior

Each hall of anti-cafe is executed in its own specialstyle and colors. The halls located here have the following names: Cambridge, Barcelona, ​​Transylvania, Broadway, Paris, Beijing, Amsterdam, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro, de-Janeiro, New York and Coworking. It is worth noting that in terms of the interior of each room corresponds to its name. For example, the Checkpoint hall called Checkpoint, called Transylvania, is designed in a minimalist style, in black and red, and the Rio de Janeiro is full of bright colors like a Brazilian carnival.

Each room has tables and places forThe seats, which are soft sofas with small bright cushions. On the walls of the halls of anti-penalty Checkpoint there are wall-papers with the image of those cities in honor of which they are named.

Separately, there is a cinema hall designed forthe number of visitors to 25 people - "Hollywood". In it there is one big screen on which it is possible to look your favorite film, comfortably having settled down all large company on soft padded stools of emerald color. This hall is a real gem of anti-cafe on Myasnitskaya Street.

Checkpoint on Clean Ponds is ready to offer allits guests a large number of board games of various kinds, as well as consoles with video games (X-VOCH, "Dandy", "Kinekt"). Almost in each room there are large plasma TVs, and in some there are stationary computers through which you can go online, since the institution has a Wi-Fi point. In addition, guests can drink tea and coffee, as this is included in the rental price of any room.checkpoint antikafe moscow

Anticafe Checkpoint in Lubyanka. general information

This place is located at: Moscow, Lubyansky fare, 5, building 1 - it's very close to the building of the Federal Treasury and beauty salon "Orange Paradise". Local residents especially like to visit the Lubyanka Anti-Cafe Checkpoint. The responses left to this institution speak for themselves. Visitors here especially like the fact that you can choose a hall based on your hobbies: designed in the style of a library, an artist's room or a recording studio. In total, all seven rooms occupy a relatively small area - about 250 square meters.antikafeh checkpoint reviews

Checkpoint in Lubyanka. Interior

In the anti-penalty Checkpoint, located on the Lubyanka7 rooms with absolutely different interior are arranged for the guests: Russian Library, Reading Hall, Mosfilm, House of Artist, Corridor, VDNKh and Moscow Conservatory. However, there is one common feature that unites all the available halls - they are made in one style - loft. This means that any visitor who comes here immediately gets into the atmosphere of comfort, which allows you to relax.

The walls of almost all the halls are decorated with brickmasonry (except for the "Reading Room" and "Artist's House"). Of furniture, there are tables, chairs, and sofas. The halls can accommodate from 6 to 50 people (the smallest - "Mosfilm", and the largest - "VDNH"). As in the Checkpoint checkpoint in Chistiye Prudy, there is a hall, perfectly suitable for watching movies - "Artist's House", where the company can comfortably accommodate up to 15 people.

For entertainment guests here are also provided TVs, game consoles and a large range of board games.

Rent terms

Any desired hall before visiting is advance to book, because Checkpoint - anti-smoking (Moscow) is quite popular, and very often it happens that there are no available seats. You can make a reservation by phone, which is indicated on the official website of the institution or on the page in the social network "VKontakte". You will need to communicate your desired date of visit, time and number of guests.

According to the rules of anti-smoking, a maximum of three hours before the visit must be paid in advance.

Rent is paid hourly, and forThe first hour of using the hall is a fixed amount, and then it is calculated per minute. The minimum time for which you can rent a hall in Checkpoint's anti-penalty is 2 hours.

Very often Muscovites and guests of the capital rent halls of the institution for conducting trainings and business meetings. Also, friendly companies gather here to watch films and to communicate, families meet.checkpoint

Additional Information

Guests can safely use all thatthere are in the halls: books, televisions, consoles and computers. At will, anyone can bring food and drinks with them or order food delivery directly to the institution. It is not forbidden to take photos and videos. Absolutely free of charge it is possible to bring with itself small children (till three years).

Checkpoint prohibits smoking and drinking alcohol. Also people who are in a state of intoxication are not allowed in here.

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