Andrei Martyanov - Russian writer: biography, creativity

Martyanov Andrew, whose books are published in more than 100,000 copies, is a man of wide interest. Its influence on the masses and the importance of public activity is difficult to overestimate.

andrey Martyanov

Childhood and youth

Andrei Leonidovich Martyanov was born inSt. Petersburg (then - Leningrad) on September 3, 1973. The first six years of his life he spent in Yakutia, in the city of Tiksi. My parents moved to work there. And the impressionable little boy absorbed the mysterious, almost mystical, beauty of the North. Walking in the woods, he peered into the outlines of trees, and he saw unprecedented characters, and the wind whispered the stories hitherto unknown to the world.

In 1980, the family returned to St. Petersburg. At the age of 7, Andrei Martyanov entered the school No. 159, which today is proudly called Bestuzhevskaya Gymnasium. Already in his school years, the boy showed an interest in the humanities: he read a lot, wrote works well, struck his classmates and teachers with his fantasy. After the end of nine classes, Andrei enters the medical school in his native city, after which he decides to continue his studies at the Military Medical Academy.

Carier start

Martyanov Andrew Books

In the nineties the future author of the fantasticnovels works first as a paramedic on the "First Aid", and then as a doctor in the hospital of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, having risen to the rank of captain. All his free time, Andrei Martyanov dedicates to literature.

In 1996, Andrei sharply changed the direction of hisactivities. He begins to cooperate with the publishing house "North-West Press". According to the official version, he works as an interpreter there and is working on preparing for the publication of novels by New Zealand author Olaf Björn Locknath. He translates a series of novels that are a continuation of the story of Conan the Barbarian. This is where the mysterious story of the true author of the works begins.

The Mystery of an Alias

andrey leonidovich Martyanov

There were persistent rumors that actually publishedin the "North-West Press" novels - the work of Martyanov. The author did not refute, but did not officially confirm the conjectures of the masses. In an interview, he only mentioned that he wrote more than thirty successful novels under a foreign pseudonym. According to Andrei, this is not only a commercial project, but also an exciting activity for him, in which he invests the whole soul.

However, in 2011, Andrei Martyanov stilladmits that Olaf Bjorn Loknit is his pseudonym. And the chosen is not easy, but with meaning. The name "Loknit" was invented by changing the letters in the name "Tolkien". The author wanted to be like his idol in the fantasy world and create an epic, similar to the "Lord of the Rings".

Using the pseudonym Olaf Bjorn Loknit, Andreiwrote several fantastic novels in co-authorship with Marina Kizhina. Books had commercial success and were published in a circulation of 10,000 copies each.

Andrei Martyanov actively uses otherpseudonyms such as Utley Gunnarsson, Kirk Monroe, Gunther Reichert. But recently he still prefers to publish under his own name. And the first published book, signed by Andrei Martyanov, is the "Star of the West".

Creative way

star of the west

Books by Andrei Martyanov literally from the firstpages are immersed in a fantastic world, from which you do not want to get out. The writer skillfully captivates the plot. So much so that you can not tear yourself away from the book until you read the last page.

The popularity of novels among readersleads to the fact that Martyanov writes a book after book. Thus, during two years of fruitful cooperation with Marina Kizhina, a series of novels The Herald of Times came out.

Since 2005, Martyanov has been working for Lenizdat. He writes several cycles of books and publishes some fantastic novels, such as The Trail of Fafnir and The World Crisis. Andrew during this period is fond of creating works on historical topics. But he does not describe real events, but he comes up with alternative plot twists. So, the "Titanic", according to the author's version, does not suffer a wreck, and its passengers suddenly find the treasure of the Nibelungs and radically change the history of the entire twentieth century.

The author's interest in the cosmic theme is born of a cycle offive books "Enter the abyss". In his works he immerses readers in the twenty-fourth century, where mankind unsuccessfully tries to prevent the catastrophe carried by a wandering neutron star.

In addition, Martyanov translated into RussianAncient German epic "Boevulf". In addition to adapting to the native language, the author also fictionalized the classic work. This book, like many other novels by Andrew, can be read for free on the Internet.

"The Star of the West"

The author's debut under his own name was recognizedreaders and critics. "The Star of the West" was awarded the "Big Zilant" award as the best book of the year. Since then, a new star has officially ascended to the literary firmament - Andrei Martyanov. "The heir of Elendil" - under this name was later reissued novel in 2005. The author changed the first part of the work and published it, already cooperating with Lenizdat.

he is an heir


Completely immersed readers in the atmosphere of timesWorld War II and the Third Reich Andrei Martyanov. "Wanderer" - the third book of the four novels of the cycle "Heir". The writer tells about the adventures of Slavik Antonov, who inherited the door leading to the past. Returning to the affairs of the past years, the hero of the novel risks his life and endangers the lives of many people. Doors lead not only to the past, but also to other worlds, thanks to this Slavik Antonov, and with it the readers, can receive answers to many mysterious events in history.

"White shark"

His passion for extraterrestrial civilizations has neverdid not hide Andrey's Martyanov. "White Shark" is a fantasy novel about the future of mankind. There is a catastrophe, and the Earth suffers death. People create a new civilization on the planet Mercury. The fighters for truth and justice come into conflict with a mysterious organization, which takes over its power over the planet.

The continuation of the battle for Mercury is described inthe second part of the series "White Shark" - the book "Black Horizon". Assistance from other worlds has already been drawn to the confrontation. What will end the battle - salvation or a global catastrophe?

The international cooperation

At the end of 2011, a new stage in the career beganwriter. Martyanov Andrew, whose books are filled with fantastic images and battle scenes, signs a contract with the company She is famous all over the world, thanks to her World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. Martyanov wrote brief news reports for these games, as well as a historical chronicle about heavy military equipment and aircraft of the Second World War.

martyan andrey white shark

Small stories written by Andrewread on the official website of the games in the writer's personal section entitled "Legends of tankmen" and "Legends of Aviators". It is also planned to publish historical and historical-fantastic stories of the author in the literary project

Life on the Net

In the nineties Andrei Martyanov deliberatelyaccepts Catholicism as their faith. During the rite of baptism, he takes on the name of Gunther. Gunter later becomes Martianov's nickname on the net. Under this name, he leads witty and desperate disputes, which are read no less fascinating than his fantastic novels. As the circle of interests of the writer is rather wide, it consists of several communities and is famous in each of them.

Andrew actively leads his blog in LiveJournal, where notonly publishes articles on burning topics, but also puts out the chapters of his novels. He is not a fighter for copyright. Rather, on the contrary. In his opinion, there is nothing to worry about if readers get free access to his writings.

Role-playing games

Andrei Martyanov often organizes himselfHe participates in the role-playing role-playing games. Deep knowledge in the field of mythology and history allows the writer to literally intuitively grasp and equally skillfully perform the roles of both the Vikings-Barbarian and the Prophet Muhammad, both the historical knight and the mythical Phoenix.

andrey Martyanov pilgrim

Martyanov organizes all-Union games. Hardcore gamers from Kaliningrad to Sakhalin took part in his grandiose "Wolves of Odin", "The Name of the Rose", "The Siege of Monsegur" and many others. Such an event not only quenches the thirst for the game, but also significantly broadens the author's horizons, allows him to get acquainted with many interesting people and become a participant or witness of amusing and sometimes dangerous situations. All this only plays a good part in writing historical and fantasy novels.

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