Alder’s Blood 2019

Of course, in something, and in the sense of humor of this studio you can not refuse. If you ask her in a creative way, the first in it will be an endless runner about a duck with a very hmm ... funny gameplay ... A cute cartoon and kind of mechanics in which the movement of the duck was provided by pressing it in a certain direction with a characteristic indecent sound.

Therefore, when she brought Alder’s Blood to the Kickstarter, it was difficult to believe, even at first, that this was also a product of Shockwork Games. After all, according to the authors themselves, they have a kind of fusion of Bloodborne and XCOM, thickly flavored with Darkest Dungeon.

General information about the game:

  • Genre - turn-based strategy
  • Setting - Dark Fantasy
  • Developer - Shockwork Games
  • Publisher / Localizer - Shockwork Games
  • Release Date - Spring 2019

However, according to the subjective feeling, the inspiration for the gameplay was clearly drawn from some prehistoric XCOM, as for the influence of Darkest Dungeon - it can be traced very clearly in visualization, though not without features.

As for the rest, the project is original, not without its zest and interest.And, of course, you shouldn’t believe his 100% working diaries for now - it can still change several times before the official release.

Story line

In the story of the new game will have to enter into a gang of hunters on monsters who clean up evil in the scenery of the wreckage of civilization. The goal is to destroy the Darkness that once gave birth to all the monsters of the world and infected it with the unthinkable nasty one.

alder's blood 2019 release date

Trite? Well, in principle, yes, given the popularity of the idea and the setting. Bad? Well, why ... It’s hard to blame the studio for which this project is the second in its history to blame for the plot’s hagginess ...

Game world

The map is a classic field divided into hexagonal tarns, along which a group of hunters guided by a player briskly stomps. There are some minimal attributes of the terrain, cities - the last strongholds of surviving people, and a breakdown by region with its own unique history and features is introduced.

In general, a fascinating walk into the world of Alder’s Blood organizes a tour of abandoned castles, rotting forests and cursed coves. And for the convenience of classification, his bestriar is divided into types of monsters, among which, in particular, werewolves, mutated people, vampires, spirits.

Alder’s Blood 2019 Gameplay

alders blood 2019 plot

If you do not pay attention to the old-scale implementation, the mechanics of the project are a rather interesting subject for study. After all, for them, the development team invented quite special rules that you rarely see in classic strategies of this type.

Firstly, there are completely gone from the blunders (the RNG classics do not even smell here), and secondly, the rules are rules ... not always. Sometimes they change right in the process of labor. How? And who knows ... It seems that a random number generator was involved, not otherwise.

In addition, the map is interactive. No, not in the sense that if she stares at her for a long time, she will start peering at the answer. The thing is the interaction with the mobs. They can "smell" the main characters, so taking into account the direction of the wind here is one of the key success factors.

alder's blood 2019 gameplay

In general, the slasher does not smell here - our heroes are by no means Hercules, therefore it is recommended to move them along the map with all possible secrecy and caution.

Also remains the mysterious and global role of the phases of the moon, which here is considered not only as the main antagonist-byaki, the root of all evils, but also as real magic power, which, in the literal sense, can debuff the entire map, affecting the power of mobs, visibility parameters and other characteristics of the fight.

So much will be given to tactical decisions, and the strategy will be all the more difficult because combat units, although they achieve the same goal, are not considered as one unit, but they are sufficient variety in classes with their own unique weapon sets and abilities. and so on. And at the same time, action points and endurance are naturally spent on each of their actions.

alders blood 2019 screenshots

What can be done, except to have fun with the genocide of monsters, kill the difficult bosses of the Apostles and crawl to the great dream of freeing the world from filth? Yes, a lot of things ... Surprisingly, in the best traditions of the genre, craft is implemented here, which helps prepare for a story mission (yes, there is such a thing here!), Besides, equipment is obtained, which is logical, and with murders.

Of great importance is the competent conduct of research here, the implementation of quests (keels, thefts, convoy and defense) and the adoption of various decisions in the course of progress.

Graphic arts

If anyone remembers a series of scenes from “Kill Bill” (where it’s about a Japanese girl), here’s Alder’s Blood screensaver scenes from the same test.

alder's blood system requirements

Fragmentary three-color graphics (if you thought it was white,black and red - did not guess! Instead of white here ... gray!), Stroking strokes and angular forms - very peculiar, and atmospheric.

In the noir style of the project as a whole, the gameplay was also visualized (very similar to the first Diablo, judging by the advertising screenshots from Kickstarter and Steam). In the quality of music going to choose something in a classic Victorian vein.

System Requirements and Platforms

While the output is planned only on the PC, the system requirements are the same, which is logical for a 2D project, quite childish (a couple of gigs of RAM, the ninth DirectX, an eight-thousand Jeff or its equivalent and a one-hertz processor).

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