Abortion with negative rhesus

Jul 10, 2018

Abortion with negative Rhesus

In the modern world, abortion is quite common, but from the point of view of surgery it is a very dangerous and complicated operation performed on the pelvic organs. This is due, above all, to the numerous complications that arise in a woman after an abortion. The most undesirable and dangerous abortion for women who have a negative rhesus. Less dangerous complications after an abortion occur if a woman and her partner have the same Rh factor, including a negative one.

An unfavorable situation develops when the rhesus of a woman and her partner do not match. In this case, the embryo can have a Rh factor of the father, for example positive, which entails the development of a Rh-conflict between the mother and the fetus. Simply put, when there is interaction between the mother's blood and the embryo's blood, there are disagreements. This leads to the fact that the mother's body begins to perceive the blood of the fetus as alien, as an antigen. Then the mother's body immobilizes all the forces of immunity to destroy the discovered foreign body, that is, the embryo and produces antibodies. Such a protective mechanism, launched once, will be repeated with every pregnancy, manifesting itself more and more. This seemingly protective mechanism brings suffering to both mother and child. A large loss of erythrocytes in a child stimulates their increased production. This leads to an increase in the spleen and liver, to oxygen starvation of the fetus, etc.

The first pregnancy is accompanied by the production of a small amount of antibodies to the Rh factor of the fetus. Penetrating blood from mother to child, they even destroy red blood cells, but because of the small amount of damage they are small. Subsequent pregnancies are accompanied by an increase in antibodies, which leads to severe fetal pathology and its death. Therefore, the fewer times a woman was pregnant, the better her health, the higher the chance of giving birth to a healthy baby.

Ultimately, a woman who has Rh-conflict with her children, aborted or born, can not be pregnant without real risk to their health.

Abortion with a negative Rh factor significantly increases the risk of infertility in women. Let us emphasize, Rh-conflict can cause a miscarriage even during the first pregnancy. According to medical statistics, with each abortion with a negative Rhesus factor, the risk of miscarriage increases by 10%.Sooner or later, with numerous abortions, a situation arises where the chances of bearing a child are zero and there is a threat to the life of both the mother and the fetus.

But abortion is not always done on the basis of a woman's desire, but is prescribed by doctors in connection with the threat of a mother's life. In these situations, abortion must be carried out before the 7th week of gestation. This significantly reduces the risk of adverse consequences of abortion, since it is from this time in the body of the mother begins to synthesize antibodies. After the abortion, women with a negative Rh factor must be injected with an antiresusive immunoglobulin, obtained from donor blood. The purpose of this drug is to destroy the remaining red blood cells of the fetus in the mother's blood, thereby preventing the immune response of the mother from being realized in the form of antibodies against the Rh factor of the fetus. The drug is administered within the first 3 days after the abortion. This point is very important in the abortion of the first pregnancy, as it will minimize the production of antibodies in subsequent pregnancies.

Remember, there is no safe abortion. It is dangerous for any Rh factor of the mother. The greatest degree of danger is possessed by abortions in women having a negative Rhesus, since it has the most unfavorable effect on the health of both the mother and the fetus. The consequences of such an abortion can be very serious, although they may not reveal themselves immediately. In order to prevent the operation of abortion in your life, you should take care of the contraception of unwanted pregnancy in advance. Remember that the issue of contraception should also be approached seriously and meaningfully, listen to your doctor's recommendations.

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