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Bylins are songs-tales of folk heroesAncient Russia, as a rule, heroes, fighting with evil for the Russian land. They reflected the reality of 11-16 centuries. Bylina - a kind of genre of oral folk art, which seems to reflect historical events, but with figurative exaggeration. Heroes in them have superpower or other abilities (the ability to play, sing); and the enemies are absolutely fantastic: Snake Gorynych, Nightingale the robber, King of the sea lord. Since the epic is a song genre, it has a rhythm, a special syllable. Reading it, as if you get into the historical past and see the film, because it is rich in figurative expressions.

Bylina "Sadko"

Slightly different from other stories of the epic "Sadko", a summary of which, by the way, you will not read much longer than the song itself.Sadko's summaryIf not too lazy, then the pleasure and benefit ofYou will receive much more reading of the source than from someone else's retelling. Although if you have problems understanding ancient Slavic words, then, of course, the short content of "Sadko" will help you to better understand the essence of the mythical and slightly fantastic story. We recommend after reading the presentation to turn to the original source and feel the beauty of the wordplay.

What is the story about?

Beautiful, unusual and different from other legendsepics of Sadko. The summary of it, perhaps, will not make a proper impression. There are no heroes in it. In it there are no battles with the enemies explicit. But in it there is an idea of ​​how important it is to have talent, the patronage of the Higher Forces for personal qualities. Also in the epic there is talk about the fight against human vices, in particular, bragging. But you can learn all this indirectly, having made your own conclusions, and not necessarily such, perhaps, completely different. Reading the same summary of "Sadko", you learn only the sequence of events.


In ancient Novgorod lived Sadko - guslar. He was young, handsome and talented, that's just "a goal as a falcon". Gusli - all his belongings were. But Sadko liked to sing and play so much that even when no one wanted to listen to him, he came to the shore of Ilmen Lake and gave himself to his favorite business alone. In any case, he thought so. After all, everything died down. All nature listened to wonderful singing.bylina Sadko short summaryThe King of the sea once heard him and rose fromdepths, to reward the guslar for playing his marvelous. He told Sadko to make a bet with the traders, laying his head that lives in Ilmen-Lake wonderful fish gold pen. In return, he ordered them to lay down their goods and commercial shops (business in our own way). The three richest merchants agreed to a deal - they wanted to kill Sadko out of envy. But the singer won the argument. The sea king kept his word and caught Sadko a goldfish in the net. On the advice of Vladyka, he did not argue more and soon became rich due to the good he had gained. But a few years later, he married and became a merchant, richer than he was in the city. He made a feast noble, as it was supposed to be then. Many spoke on it: the stupid boasted of a young wife, the wise esteemed their parents. Sadko could not resist, he began to boast of his wealth and pledged to fight that all of Novgorod could be redeemed. But when he began to buy up all the goods, gold and silver quickly ended the beginning. Sadko decided to go to other cities to sell his goods. During the trip, a violent storm rose on the lake. And the ships would have sunk, but Sadko realized in time: The king of the sea tribute demands.Sadko short summaryHe ordered him to pour a barrel of silver into the water, thengold, but the waves did not stop. Sadko understood: the human sacrifice is necessary for the tsar. The lot was cast (this is an interesting point, Sadko does not fit everything into a brief summary). Sadko was chosen, although he tried to trick me. They let him down on the board, where he fell asleep, and woke up on the bottom of the sea in front of the Lords' chambers, who was glad to be a guest. Sadko played the king until the strings broke (not without the intervention of other forces, which we also do not fit into the summary of "Sadko"). Then the king offered the singer to choose his wife - one of the daughters, which meant forever to remain in the underwater kingdom. The hero (also not without the help of the Holy One) chooses a living girl, thereby freeing the captive and herself.

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