3 houses for a cat from newspaper tubes

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From this collection of master classes you will learn how to make a house for the cat with your own hands. It will be a question of a variant of weaving a crib from newspaper tubes. Cats really like these baskets, and they are happy to sleep in them. We will offer you some interesting ideas on creating wicker houses for cats of various shapes and sizes, as well as give useful tips and step-by-step instructions.

cat houses
Earlier we told you how to make newspaper tubes. To do this you will need a thin long needle and several unnecessary newspapers and magazines. We advise you to read the instructions if you have never done this yourself before.

If you know that you will have nothing to paint the work with, and you would not want to leave the house in its original form, then it’s better to take bright glossy magazines as a basis. So the bed for your cat will have a very interesting look. If you like newsprint or you only have printer paper, then use this option.So, stock up with tubes and choose any of the options.

House number 1: pasted box with tubes

If you do not want to mess around too long and weave a basket, then you can make your own hands the simplest house for the cat. Here the decor is the newspaper tubes themselves, and the usual box is taken as the basis. The beginning master will cope with this master class.

home for cats

We will need:

  • newspaper rolls;
  • carton of suitable size;
  • glue.

Decide on the parameters of the future house for the cat. Find a suitable box, or simply cut out a suitable size of carton that can be combined into one.

Next on one of the sides, glue the tubes and bend them down. Make sure they are all the same size. Trim if necessary.

Glue the layer to the next side and fold it again. So walk on each free surface of the box.

newspaper rolls

No interweaving is needed. Just glue the tubes (it is best to use PVA glue), bend them and cut off the excess.

The hole for the cat to pass into this self-made house of newspaper tubes, determine in accordance with the dimensions of the pet.Do not make it too small so that you can easily put something soft there at any moment and, if necessary, change the litter.

cat house

This is a very simple and budget version of a homemade cat house. Your pet will definitely be pleased, as we all know that our favorite fluffy creatures just love to climb into the boxes.

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House number 2: bed-cocoon

This master class is more complicated, you have to spend more time on it. However, if you have previously worked with newspaper tubes, then make a cat house with your own hands, you can quickly enough. We advise you to make a bigger bed - so the cat will rather choose it.

cat house

We will need:

  • newspaper rolls;
  • PVA glue;
  • paint (optional);
  • decorative varnish (optional).

Weaving begins from the bottom of the future cat's house. In the center we make a crosshair, and then gradually we turn it into a disk. If you work with the weaving technique for a long time, then you know what it is about. If this is your first experience, below you will find more detailed instructions in the video.

weaving of newspaper tubes

Next, along the edges, we fix the tubes, on which the main frame of our wicker house for the cat will hold. First you need to go around the entire diameter around the bottom to make the sides of the beds.

weaving of newspaper tubes

In the next step, we will raise the cocoon, gradually increasing the mass of tubes on the back wall.

weaving of newspaper tubes

Those vertical newspaper tubes that have already left the work, we do not touch it yet - we leave it hanging up. At the final stage, we will braid them into a beautiful pigtail in order to decorate the cat house beautifully.

weaving of newspaper tubes

If you find it difficult to understand how weaving is performed, take a look at this video tutorial.


The house can be painted and non-toxic varnish. Be sure to check for any harmful components in the varnish! Cats often like to have fun with their houses and sometimes gnaw tubules to sharpen their teeth.

cat's house

Do not forget to put a soft litter in the cocoon house so that your cat is warm and cozy.

House number 3: a basket for a cat with ears

We suggest you make your own hands another interesting version of the house for a cat from newspaper tubes. Its feature is in an unusual decor: the house is decorated with cute cat ears. As a result, the pet will have at its disposal a very cozy nest, and you - a cute and very cute piece of furniture.

home for cats

We will need:

  • newspaper rolls;
  • thick cardboard;
  • glue.

First you need to cut out a cardboard circle as large as you want to make a cat house. Next to the base we glue the long tubes of newspapers at an equal distance from each other.Then we cover the structure with a disk made of cardboard of exactly the same size, having previously missed it with glue. This design can be put under a press for several hours, if you are not very confident in the quality of your glue.

Then weaving is performed, similar to the previous master class. At the end of the work, decorate the cat house to your liking. You can paint it or leave it as it is. The main thing is to add soft bedding so that the pet is comfortable.

Home-made houses for cats from newspaper tubes are good because their production does not take too much time, and the result is simply wonderful. Houses get reliable and durable, and most importantly - beautiful and comfortable for cats. In addition, it is a very budget option, because the main material for houses is ordinary newspapers that you no longer need.

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