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10 obstacles between you and the beautiful life

1. Unfinished business.

Break free from the past by identifying and putting in order the unfinished things to do. Finish everything you started: project, diet, conflict, pledged - by doing this, entrusting another person or simply abandoning it.

2. Ignoring the present.
Today is the result of those "today" that were before him. Good the present lived quite naturally gives rise to a remarkable future. Save a dollar today and you will have more money tomorrow. Eat 500 less calories today and you will lose weight tomorrow. Just what you do today affects your future.

3. Lack of priorities.
Never do what you want at the moment when you want this the most. If you just respond to the nearest thing, that came to your attention you will never have plenty of time for what really matters. Do not distribute your time according to your priorities. Distribute your priorities according to your of time.

4. Self-deception.
Lying to yourself is the most harmful form of disrespect for yourself. Think of cases where you have been dishonest with themselves and how to fix it. "I will never be more to pretend that it doesn't matter what i put in my mouth. " "I will no longer pretend that budget overruns are normal."

5. Pleasing the people.
If you always say yes, even when you want to say no, you be unhappy, losing control of your time and energy, for the sake of any person who asked you about something. Free yourself by learning defend your boundaries.

6. Energy leaks.
Everyday crises and problems should not lead to leaks of your energy. Let your life goes according to your schedule. Make an informed choice: simplify your tasks, organize your environment and your life for support the lifestyle you want to lead.

7. Complaints instead of questions.
You will receive as much as you ask. The complaint is passive position not active.Decide to consciously make it clear to people that you are want, asking them, but not complaining.

8. Insufficient reserves.
Without reserves supporting you, you will make decisions based on on lack of ... money, time, energy. And it will lead you to mistakes and loss of opportunity. Systematically exclude from your life some things until you have a good supply time and money, and then start from this position.

9. Hiding flaws.
Let your faults help you to be more honest. Inform people: "I'm impatient, please let me know if I miss something that you do not understand. "" I do not keep secrets very well; please do not tell me what I can tell others. ”

10. Desires instead of planning.
START! Do something! If you just sit "wanting" to something happened by itself, you can hardly wait for it. Create a plan and turn it into action.

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